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By | September 9, 2014

Update May 2016: have re-branded themselves into Different name, same junk.

This is a great example of why having my own site to freely express views and thoughts is important to me. I was made aware of, a website run by one Chris Pottorff with supposedly 23 years of trading experience. Judging by the articles’ titles and the comments left by readers it is aimed at novices. So far, so good. The problems started after I read a few of those articles and found a lot of  bad information and outright lies. I tried to point this out in a couple of comments, but guess what, they weren’t approved. You can see them waiting for moderation in the picture below:

Unapproved comments

Unapproved comments

After a little while they just disappeared. I urge any trader who tries to apply anything seen on that site to think twice. Just in one article there are several falsehoods, as evidenced not only by the fact that my comments were removed, but by common sense as well. Taking advice from someone who so blatantly lies is a sure way to ruin your account.

1. We opened a $1000 account and then started trading with it using our shared trade setups. The account turned into $100,000 in 14 months. That was a great achievement, not because of turning a $1000 into $100,000, but because of the lesson we learned.

I’m not saying this isn’t possible, given a very favorable trading environment (think the dot com bubble). It’s just extremely unlikely.

2. One of us who was used to have a million dollar trading account, withdraw the money and left only $10,000 in the account. For him, who was used to have a million dollar account and make a reasonable profit every month for several years, $10,000 meant nothing. Trading with a $10,000 account had no risk for him at all. He turns his $10,000 account into a million every 2-3 years.….. He has raised his trading capital to a million dollar few times so far. This is what many of our other team members are doing, but just with different amounts of money and account sizes. This is what I have been doing for several years too.

This is where the plot thickens and the bullshit becomes real. No one can grow an account 100x times every 2-3 years. Not even one person, let alone several as this guy is implying. Anyone with half a brain would have no difficulty in seeing through these lies.

At this point it doesn’t seem to be a fully fledged scam as there doesn’t seem to be any services for sale. But beware, with that kind of statements, my guess is that we have a scam in the making.

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  1. Morlok

    Luckscout admin (Chris Pottorff as he called himself) is a liar and scammer. I already proved that he cannot make money from forex as i followed all his signals from 14 months with many money management variations, none of which was profitable. Now he’s turning over 180 degrees and says another bullshit to make people pay him for a lazy stories about getting rich. You can get rich through forex (or other internet business) but the way is completely different to what Chaychi, or whoever he is, claims to be. Don’t waste your money

    1. Olly

      Yes. have annyone joined the disreputable affiliate system they promote? one way i found out that chris pottorff might be vahid chaychi is that the name vahid chaychi appears on a few posts on a website runned by a man named john chow who is a top member of MOBE affiliate system. if my memory dont betray me these posts was made year 2014. that company is registered in malyasia. about 2 years later a post on the forum in luckscout chris said that he would be for a few days in malaysia. you see there is a connection in all these things.
      if i am wrong at least pottorff and chaychi must know each other but i doubt it. they might be the same person.

  2. Mahmudur Rahman

    His “Data technology system” is actually MTTB which is actually an MLM system. Just google about it.

    I have learned so much from his writings about Forex. But I am 99% sure he is trying to scam people now.

    1. “MTTB” like any other MLM is good for top 1% tier and bad for rest of the 99%.Before the launch of his “DT system” and even now he is claiming this system is not “MLM”.
    2.There is no mention of upsells(ranging 1500-6000 and it will be 20000+ if you buy all).You can google it for confirmation. He only tells about 49$ starting fee.
    3. FxKeys got the popularity by the writings about “how you can turn 1000$ to millions by the power of compound interest”. He and many of his friends have done it(Really?). But suddenly for “market maker” broker it is impossible to do and we should join MTTB/DT systems to make money.
    4.The removal of forum,the removal of date from older comments …………….you should understand

      1. Linz

        If “Mike” can make $17 m since joining the scheme working only 1 hour per day, he’s doing pretty well in their Data Technology Network as Luckscout has been going for about a year? If it’s not MLM or Pyramid as they claim, Ponzi Scheme springs to mind since it’s not selling a product ….??

        “Did you know that after joining our online business program that works based on the Data Technology systems, and after completing the training course, and when you start making money, you will also get paid to coach the other new members?

        You will get paid to coach the other members on the Skype. You will get paid to teach in our seminars. We pay for your flight tickets and your stay in the 5-star hotels and resorts that our events and seminars are done.

        It means (1) you not only make money through your own Data Technology online business, (2) but also you will make money through coaching the other members that can make you even more money.

        That is amazing, isn’t it?

        There is no other program over the Internet with so much potential to make money. You are at the right place right time.

        You will be in one team with Mike who has made over $17 million, and also with our other millionaire members.

        Mike who has made over $17 million with his partner since joining our Data Technology network, is one of our coaches who teaches you to achieve the same success: $17,000,000 So Far Starting with No Experience at All”
        “Our members are rewarded with giant checks, gold bars, piles of cash, cars, platinum and diamond rings, cruises and Rolex watches”

        You can get all this working from home without any computer skills………

    1. Felo

      Brother I can understand that you are “99%” sure, it’s a side effect we all get from of all his forex writings. Now let me assure you one thing. it’s more than 100% sure it’s a scam. whatever he has written is done in a way to get your trust, and that’s especially what his forex writings is about. really wonder how many have paid for this.
      he said this is “no MLM, it’s risk free” etc etc. of course, what else would he say to scam all? 😉

      even if a lot of the posts about forex seems to be true knowledge i doubt everything is.

      my impression is that he is a master of deception.
      you know he said on one post he has a base in psychology. i think that was a way for him to tell us “i write the way i do because i did study psychology so dont think i try to fool you”. dont you think? i could say thousands of things about him but i think the most important stuff are well covered by other posters here.

  3. Mrunknown

    Before 3 years Forex was introduced to me, after a while I found “fxkeys”. Then I started reading the articles and almost read everything. I was trading simultaneously using his strategy and so called 100 score Setup… Then I visited some seminars of my local brokerage and gained more knowledge through books,articles,videos etc. After a year or two I had a relevant information about everything in forex. Then I began to asked a questions in comments and as some of you mentioned were not accepted. When I critized him that he was saying he was using the wrong names of candlestick patterns and in that way he confuses the readers, my comments were not approved again, of course. Then I start thinking if he is such a professional who has 10+ years experience in trading,using only this type of strategy how is possible to mistake the patterns. The other suspicious think was about these points you recieve for writing comments. The adverts was that it`s 100% risk free and you can gain some real experience using some of points. Here is the question that should everyone ask himself how is possible to have real experience without real money. He had to pay real money to transfer the points you earned, and that`s all because you post a comment, yeah right… But I stayed positive since there is a usefull information and it was all free. I sayed to myself for now no fees are required so I can go on. By that time I was wondering why he is spending so much time writing since he is that succesful in forex. I dont think that somebody will waste so much time just he`s willing to educate the others for free…Then he started offering some Millionaire club. Here is the 2nd moment that you have to stop and think: Millionaire? Wasn`t it hard to earn money through forex(money management, controlling your emotions- greed/fear, awlays be aware what is happening on the markets, checking how the economies perform and so on)? Mentioned all the time that 95% of traders are losing. And now just pay the fee and they are ready to teach you how to earn millions. Wait a second, it begins to stink…

    There was a period when he posted 1/2 articles per month and when the site went down I though there is 2 options: 1) that was it, its over he got sick and tired, he won`t do it anymore. 2) he will come back with new service, promoting it very agressively. And you all know what happened changed the name, the logo, and offering now DTT system. Here is the 3rd moment – Why so talanted and clever traders are changing the whole brand and even the concept caliming that the site is no more only about forex trading, but any investment ideas and advices if they are so succesful in Forex?! If they are earning millions as they say why they are going to waste their precious time explaining this?

    And the as you all know here it is the brand new service DT system for paying only 100$ per month. And now is the HUGE fall of all this: Now he`s convincing the people that they can make thousands and even millions just spending one hour per day and even later on the program is working by itself. Bitch please you spend years building the site explaining how hard is to earn money, but its a fair opportunity and now you are embarrassing yourself like all others scamers promoting get-rich-quick schemes. Everybody should ask themselves what they`re doing on website which have so much pop up advert for becoming a rich/millionaire. You can take a look at the videos he imported. A nice guys who were broke, but after they found DT, are rich and happy now. :D:D:D:D Just laugh so hard when I saw it. Everybody has been witness to such a scam website promoting hundreds of videos of people that are getting richer by this product or services. So amazing stories, everyone is happy, wealthy, doing nothing and there is no disadvantage in it… Come on.
    Another fact for what I`m saying he renewed his fb page and now is promoting articles that were writen 3-4 years, ago but update them , so now you can see that the articles is basically writen this year…
    As I`m a reader for about 2-3 years of most of his works I can truly say that since he has changed fxkeys he is now writing lazy stories (as one of you guys said ) of how you can became rich/millionaire.


    p.p Fallowed his 100 score trade setup and way of trading BB and candlestick formation for a year or more and definately the success rate was not that good that he`s representing it to the audience.

    Sorry for this romance, but I had to pour my soul out about this. Very disappointed about the situation.

  4. N. A.

    Mrunknown I feel that you have some right or … something suspicious happened to him… maybe he sold the Fxkeys site and now the new Boss changed the all concept of Forex to DT programme..

    I would like to know the truth..

    1. Mrunknown

      I don`t think he sold the site at all, because he`s still pretending that he is Chris or at least if he had sold the site the new guy would have mislead the audience. (because he is not Chriss obviously)…

    2. Leon

      I agree with Mrunknown. If he would sell the site at least he would say he will sell it and bye bye. fxkeys luckscout is total deception.

    3. former follower

      on luckscout some of the new posts are written by new names which does not exist (i googled the names). they have pictures of these authors but i am sure they are fake. hope that site shuts down


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