Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is ?

By | April 12, 2015

My reaction after seeing AstroFX YouTube channel

I was on YouTube watching some trading videos when I stumbled upon Astro FX channel. So here are these two guys (Shaun Powell and Aman Natt), in their early twenties, dressed up to the nines, very expensive looking watches, driving luxury autos with personalized number plates like  F13REX, giving forex trading seminars and selling courses. Instantly my bullshit meter went through the roof. I had to find out what this scam is all about.

After doing some research, the following facts came up:

  • the Myfxbook verified results they boast actually prove they have a complete lack of understanding what trading is about and what purpose track records serve. Firstly, losing around 50% of the account in one day and draw-downs of +80% would make any person with a minimum sense of ridicule to refrain from giving paid trading advice. Secondly, track-records with a length of a few months  can’t really showcase trading ability (because they are too short) but they can and did in this case reveal trading amateurism.
  • the luxury cars come from Platinum Executive Travel Rental Cars in Birmingham, where the owner’s son apparently is a friend of Aman Natt

So we have two guys who not only don’t know what forex trading is, but they take their ignorance as a sign of virtue and expertise. There’s no other explanation for posting and continuing advertising of those dismal results on Myfxbook. Furthermore, by uploading videos on YouTube where they draw lines and put indicators on charts and call it technical analysis or showing off their supposed wealth made through trading, they try to pass themselves for professionals. Don’t be fooled by the appearances and pay them to teach you forex trading – the only thing you’ll learn is how to lose money.


27 thoughts on “Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is ?

  1. Jules BRUNO

    Thank you to warn inexperienced investors against risks shelled in your articles (this one and ‘Exential Group – Managed Forex Accounts Scam’). A friend lost €60,000 by investing in a FOREX company that was only a scam.

    1. Ponga Es

      Hi Jules,

      Wouold you mind telling me where your friend invested his money? I mean which broker? Is it the Exential

      1. Jules BRUNO

        CAPITAL FRANCE that meantime is on the of the French regulators’ (AMF) black list.

  2. Bruce

    Shaun Lee Powell and Aman Natt, two very sly forex con men from Birmingham, they stole the original forex trading material, drive around in rented sportscars, have been trading other peoples money illegally without a licence, are joined by members of the JA Wealth scam team, the list goes on and on. Don’t listen to a word I say though, check out the online complaints here for more info:

  3. Bruce

    I like many others was duped into buying into the 3 day Forex training event, which was sold to me by the dubious traders Aman Natt and Shaun Powell in Birmingham. I paid exactly £3000 of my inheritance hoping to make much more after reading about these guys however unfortunately I lost circa £27000 in 5 days to these jokers!

    The event is poor and they show you the basics of trading which anyone can source from the internet, so PLEASE PLEASE do not make the same mistake as me, I feel sick. The wealth the show off is purely to entice you and pull you into their big scam! They will take your money and blow it on themselves. I have reported them to the FCA and NCA so hopefully they will not exist in the future.


    These guys took my £5,000 and promised il learn consistently they have blocked me on skype after they “taught” me. And they blew my account I won’t recommend them.

    These guys will take your money at their own advantage and use it against you!!! Shaun especially will not reply if I require help or assistance they blocked me on all their social media so I couldn’t show how much of a BS company they are!! The cars are rental.

    If you need a course I would advise you too watch YouTube videos which are free they are much better at explaining and will teach you the right education, I could not get my money back as I paid wire transfer which was ***!!! Don’t make the same mistake I did. I hope this help you.


  4. Paul

    It seems to me the way to make money from trading is to sell courses for these crooks.
    You got the likes of Anton Kreiel, AstroFX and many more pricks showing the high life to succer the stupid in.
    You don’t need expensive courses to make consistent profit trading. You just need to learn and understand the markets. SUPPLY and Demand— Stop loss runs.
    I do Trade News events, If your going to trade news Just make sure you have a system and use Guaranteed stops so as not to get slippage costs. I love trading news.
    Then its all about managing your money.
    All the rules are out their for you to observe.
    I personally don’t like Trading, I love Spread betting as I am not long term trader. It what works best for me and is nice and safe with guaranteed stops. No slippage cost for this boy. tax is in the spread,

  5. Raj

    What they are doing is simple. They promote themselves as being top traders by showing off/promoting there wealth on instagram/facebook when this wealth/flashy life style has funded by teaching the average Joe the basics within 2-3 days and charging them £3000 plus. The money that is funding there life style is from students and not from them trading the markets. At the end of the day it is a *** but it is legal as there are fools out there who would pay to be taught.
    The cars they buy are actually an investment for them and they treat them as business assets as they lure more people into believing they are top traders when they are certainly not.
    There business model is working so fair play to them i just feel sorry for all the mugs out there lol

  6. Julian

    I have posted here before and I have taken fraud alerts and cons VERY seriously so I have not said anything frivolously and/or without confirmed knowledge and/or significant research. My conclusion is that I have absolutely no reason -as of right now- to believe that Shaun Lee and Aman Natt are frauds or scammers. In fact these guys are -among other selected few on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc- that I know, on my top 5 list of the few that I’m 100% convinced are successful and very profitable Forex traders

    Among many things I could cite as evidence, the general and most verifiable fact is that there is simply no way you can keep up such long lasting scam (years) and show of ongoing material wealth unless you are legitimately capable of affording such life style yourself. Any common sense person would quickly arrive at the conclusion that to be able to put on such a sustainable show would be one epic, gargantuan undertaking of a marathon in lying that would have to involve a ridiculous amount of other complicit partners and helpers. To give you one example of many I could cite, how do you “rent” (which is an ongoing rumor) a brand new $145K BMW I8, repaint it black matte, personalize the plates (registered in the UK because I checked) and keep the car it -so far- for nearly 3 years? (There have been many other high end cars that have been seen in their videos for years) So in conclusion, how far do you go in terms of lying to supposedly sell a trading course that you could never sell expensively enough as to be able to even come close to affording the life style they have been displaying for years?

    As far as their myfxbook record goes, I think they took it down on purpose and as a matter of principle…. In essence, they just don’t care what anybody thinks or will put up with being bullied into defending what they do and who they are. I know that will be hard to digest for some but after thinking about it for a while I’d have to agree that they really don’t owe to show proof to anybody. As I said, there’s plenty of proof out there, which some will always spin as something other than what it is. Just don’t sign up for their educational seminars, courses, etc if you think they’re frauds. Anyway, that’s the whole point, they don’t care. they’re legitimately filthy rich 😉

    I respect others’ views and opinions as well but I’d ask you to go back and check…. Pay attention to their technical analysis and convince me they’re not real traders or haven’t been trading for more than half a decade each. If you have had any success in this business, you’d know immediately they hit the spot as far as their approach. So anyway, besides what I see as nothing other than suspicion and innuendo, I’m still waiting for the hard core proof that they’re not legitimate. It just doesn’t exist. There are many emotional triggers that may prompt people to attack them… for those in the same business for example, these guys are very tough competition indeed. :-)

  7. Robert the actual jp morgan trader

    Julian… they are frauds.. the bmw i8 was only bought this year and is a used car bought on finance (used i8’s fetch as little as 60-65k at bmw dealers which is easily financed these days.. secondly their ltd companies (a quick google search) show no assets or any money coming in or out of their businesses and thirdly and most important.. i know aman natt myself.. he still lives at his parents house in a rubbish part of coventry.. the reason why their little scam is still going??? Because its not against the law to teach or supply a course (their faix trading course) and there are literally hundreds of undecated retards out there who are paying for thos course(note most are young uneducated ghetto lads)

  8. Russell Bird

    I suspect that the comments written by ‘Julian’ on June 24th were left by the Astro FX crew as can be seen on many of the other forums. It’s common knowledge that most of their reviews on are fake/written by themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that AstroFX is a scam, just a simple Google search tells you everything you need to know in order to avoid these fraudsters, I can’t believe that people actually hand these crooks money. Oh well, “a fool and his money” and all that.. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see AstroFX shut down/behind bars

  9. Julian

    Nope… not a reply written by an “Astro FX crew as can be seen in many other forums…” What a crock of fecal matter by the way…

    I know I shouldn’t since I really have better things to do… Like withdrawing 105.6 % return of 10 month consistent trading form November to July 2017.. for which I’m sure I will be called a liar.. lol! But I can’t help myself, this is actually a nice little fun break and I get to laugh anticipating more desperate reactions trying to prove that you can’t make money in Forex (because they can’t… ) So… if they can’t , how can it be possible that anybody does..!!!?? They have got to be SCAMMERS !!!!!

    Listen carefully… the only reason I was ever attracted to AstroFX, was because I knew instinctively that their trading talk was on point. They broke down charts just as I did after years of up and down struggle. But then I became aware of their lifestyle, spending, etc, which in all honesty I found motivating and again.. fun to watch.

    Spend some time and check for yourself:

    In the last month alone, they have been to Miami, Milan (shopping trip) and now they are in Beverly Hills, CA (They went to Milan by private jet). It costs 15K (cheapest deal) a year membership to fly privately within one hour in Europe… In Miami they rented a 75 foot boat to celebrate their course attendance (go see it) Now they are staying at the Montage in Beverly Hills (I’m very familiar with the hotel because I’m a once a month frequenter of Georgi’s and/or Bouchon across the gardens) They hang out at the $350 a day Rooftop Cabanas ($600 on weekends) The hotel room rates range in the 750 a night. They’ll be in LA about 2 weeks…

    Again, I’m interested in the TRADING ANALYSIS they share for free and I comapre with my own; It happens through Instagram and other social media sources. I can’t help or want to help seeing what they’re up to and in all honestly, I quite get a kick out of it because success in this business is definitely a rewarding experience and the right mindset and motivation make a difference in your trading.

    When you come back and fully explain how a 2k course times 10-15 students (that’s 30k) that they can provide about every 2 months at best, happening at different worldwide locations and which is shared by 2 partners covers their expenses… let me know. By the way, one of them just purchased a 35K Audemar Piaget watch… They better multiply them course teaching or they’ll be in a van by the river pretty soon… Simple math should do the trick.

    Take care and better luck with your trading. Check them out. You might learn something. 😉

    1. Russell

      Ooh someone’s touchy lOl, so is this Shaun or Aman we’re chatting to as you seem to know an awful lot about them! How do they afford this stuff? I dunno, maybe something like this… .
      Oh and thanks for the Instagram link but I already blocked them as fed up seeing their cuntish faces appearing in my feed. Seriously though there’s such a wealth of information out there exposing this scam I’m amazed you bothered trying to defend them, unless of course you are AstroFX as I’m sure many on this forum would agree.

  10. Julian

    What you need to do is humble yourself and try to learn. Accept that there are people much smarter than you. As I said… Good luck with your trading… 😉

    1. Russell

      Haha, I’m not the one who needs luck. I’ll leave that for the Astro FX faithful

  11. Wicus Geldenhuys

    I attended Astro 3 day Course in Cape Town, South Africa. Definitely worth the money. Excellent breakdown of how to analyse. Very patient people with a lot of knowledge. By backtesting they proved to ME that what they teach WORKS. I will definitely attend again when they are back in South Africa.


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