Forex Trading and Sports Sponsorship – An Ethical Dilemma

By | June 8, 2015

Watching the Champions League final between Barcelona and Juventus the other day, I remembered an article I read last year about how the brokerage company IronFX agreed to pay nearly 3 Million Euros for a sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona. After doing some research to see who among the most recognised retail FX brokers is sponsoring who in the world of sports at the present moment, I came up with the following results (I don’t claim this to be a complete list): Continues here

3 thoughts on “Forex Trading and Sports Sponsorship – An Ethical Dilemma

    1. JLTrader Post author

      I’ve known for some time that IronFX has a bad reputation online, that’s why I remembered that they sponsored Barcelona with ~ 3 Million. My thinking at the time, still the same today was something like: these guys are ridiculous, instead of fixing their reputation, look on what they’re trowing their money.


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