There Is No Edge In

By | August 3, 2015

I recently stumbled upon Winnersedgetrading, a website run by one Casey Stubbs. This is how I was welcomed:

First Pop-up

Who would not click on ‘Yes’ ? :)

Second pop-up

Second pop-up

At this point I got intrigued – I mean, there’s a discrepancy between the seriousness implied by the domain name and what those pop-ups practically shout at you (scam site, leave ASAP).

Even though the website has been around since 2009 and now it claims to be ‘one of the premier educational resources for Forex traders’, make no mistake, it’s a sure way to waste your time and money.

Beside the free (read: worse than worthless) blog and tutorials center, Casey Stubbs helped by two other clowns (one of whom appears to be underage) offers a couple of paid products. The first one is an $100/month trade copier which targets returns of 4%-8% per month. Sounds like an inferior version of the strategy they send you for free if you give them your email. :) There is no verified performance, but rest assured, there’s a video where they show how they made $32,325 in just four days. :)

If you prefer to trade yourself, they offer an indicator that just today (I can’t believe my luck :) ) is discounted 90%, in other words is yours for $27 a month. To quote them, ‘Forex trading has never been easier’.



To conclude: this is beyond joke. How have they managed to stay in business for six years is what really amazes me. But then again, human nature never changes.

At first, when I listened to the accounts of old-time deals and devices I used to think that people were more gullible in the 1860’s and ’70’s than in the 1900’s. But I was sure to read in the newspapers that very day or the next something about the latest Ponzi or the bust-up of some bucketing broker and about the millions of sucker money gone to join the silent majority of vanished savings. – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

21 thoughts on “There Is No Edge In

  1. Casey Stubbs


    Thanks for the review of Winners Edge Trading. I am the owner of that site and have been working hard at providing quality educational services for many years.

    Our Priority is to provide education and training that helps traders and we deliver the service and the support to make sure that it is up to the highest of standards.

    Since it is our goal to train and educate.

    I am asking your opinion of how I should redesign my site so you think that it is not a scam?

    1. Jules Noël

      “Strike trader is up about 35% for me in the last 3 months. Best product I ever purchased”

      Forex Peace Army:
      “Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star Rating removed.
      This review came from the offices of WinnersEdge Trading.
      Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.
      The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.”

      Despite Alex comments with regards to FPA (see below – 28.02.2016) I fully share JL comments.

  2. Tim Edwards

    I don’t know if your product is a scam or not. But the review “methodology” of the dude who runs this “blog” consists solely of looking at websites and deciding if it is a “scam” based on whether he likes the site or not.

    He’s too cheap/poor/lazy to actually BUY any of the products and actually do the WORK of testing them then posting his actual results.

    This guy is a joke. I’ll come back when his opinions are based on FACT, not his “emotions”.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Actually I have enough trading experience that I can usually smell bullshit a mile away. I don’t have to spend my money and time to test all sorts of ridiculous claims every huckster makes. If there was indeed any substance behind the claims, the vendors would have shown customers the evidence.

      1. Tim Edwards

        I trade too. However, as a trader I also know that I do not know everything and that there is something to be learned from pretty much everyone. Hiding behind “I have enough trading experience to spot bullshit a mile away” does not cover your unprofessional and fact-less based opinions. I’ll state again, start actually USING the products you “review” and I’ll take you seriously.

  3. Henry

    I agree with Tim. You didn’t review anything… How do you even call it a review? Your sarcastic approach with less than 0 substance is actually offensive.

  4. Alex

    I’m amused by the angst in the review and claims and counter-claims. I’m relatively new for the forex world and to say that i am appalled by the prevalence of snake-oil selling is a breathtaking understatement.

    To honest the forex marketing industry benchmark seems to something like:
    1. Here is a description of the problem – making money is somewhere between difficult to impossible (until now).
    2. Often a well written article hinting at the solution without the secret recipe.
    3. A special offer for the solution at a ridiculous 60 to 90% off (ridiculous was the only truthful part of this). There is absolutely no independent verified evidence presented. User testimonies even via peace army are worthless. New users in fact any users cannot be trusted to be objective. Also how can any sales operation be regularly offering its products for 90% off?
    The offer is often in a long bold multiple font and colour web page screaming at you. The price if displayed at all is way down the bottom.

    To me this is forex normal. It reminds of the weight loss industry with similar success rates. Or late 19th century snake-oil salesman.

    Forex makes mainstream advertisers as paragons of truth, which they are not of course.

  5. dr basel


    i had purchased explosive mentoring program from winners edge trading since three months now, and i had asked for a refund based on the gurantee given by casey stubbs, but till this moment they did not refund me, if they did not commit to their promises they are scam absolutely, but they refunded our money i will advice all people to buy their products, i will follow this review and update whatever will happen with me here..

    thanks for reading

  6. Ugwu Celestine

    Good day all
    I bought strike 3.0 from winnersedge trading. This software was not useful too me at all.
    It was supposed to be rented for a month only but I didn’t even use for up to a week!
    Worse still was the fact that my rental subscription was autorenewed the following month and this was really shocking to me.
    I asked Casey Stubs and he told me it was in his terms and conditions.
    But wait a minute Casey, if u want me to believe u are not hoodwinking anyone, why should such an important info not be clear stated but rather smuggled into T & Cs that normally come as tiny boring details.
    I was really disappointed and I didn’t get a refund. I will certainly not recommend anyone to subscribe to that site

    1. Tim

      This is not a review. This is you buying a trading product, not using it even a full week and being upset about a refund. You told us nothing about how it worked, what it was supposed to do or any comparison of it against anything else. Try again.

  7. dr basel

    good day all:

    further to my comment above, actually they are refunding my money but with 200$ apart, i had paid 2500 $,and till now i received 1590$ on installment basis!!!, i will update this forum regularly about the progress of the refund process..

  8. dr basel

    good day all:

    they refunded the whole amount now, casey is a good guy and a professional trader, may be he had a tough period recently but his company is a reputable one, i advice anybody to join them and try their products..

  9. BCribbs

    Plain and simple. We are looking for people that know how to give details in their review. How did the product perform. How many trades did you take. How much of your account were you risking on each trade. How many trades on average per day is signaled? Did you follow the instructions completely ( Most people don’t follow the instructions completely and get upset when it doesn’t work for them). I am not going to buy a crap product simply because I can get a refund. As for why the company doesn’t provide evidence. I don’t know. There are multiple ways to legitimately do this. There is no excuse. You can’t hype up a product, and then try to sell it in a sealed up box an expect people to just give it a try. I’m sure I missed a few things, but that is my 2 cents.

  10. Elaine

    I’m new to trading, so I have a lot to learn. I spent about a month bouncing around youtube and web sites and ads and unable to get any stable strategy going. I came across Stubbs’ “The Simple 2 Step Trend Trading System”, tested it on a simulator, and did well enough that I’m now choosing a broker and platform to go live with. To me, that says it all.

    1. Jules

      Elaine – It took me several years to trade leveraged FOREX more or less consistently. I’m curious to follow your live account. Please keep us informed on a regular basis.
      P.S. : Elaine, be careful! I suggest you to carefully read Alex comments on Winnersedgetrading (February 28, 2016).

      1. Elaine

        Hi, Jules,
        I just reread it and it doesn’t say anything about anyone or any site in particular. I’m not interested in joining the fray.
        Earlier today, I joined the Strike 3 program. Now, I’m trying to find a us registered broker who uses metatrader and will go with a $100 starting amount. Any suggestions? I’d appreciate it.
        I’ll keep in touch.

        1. Jules

          Hello Elaine – I beat that you need a suggestion with regards to an FX broker. I think that I can read within the lines. Sorry if I’m wrong…


          1. Jules

            CORRECTION… I beat that you DO NOT need a suggestion…

          2. Elaine

            Yes, you are wrong. Apology accepted. I had sent a message to Casey asking for a recommendation,but your message overlapped. I have since signed up with the broker he recommended. I’m dropping out of this conversation as I need to focus on my trading.
            Best to you,
            Elaine. I’m

    2. Casey Stubbs

      Thanks Elaine I appreciate the feedback. When you start out I recommend you take it slow and trade with small amounts until you build your skill and confidence.

      If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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