The Battle of Price Action Trading Giants – Chris Capre vs Nial Fuller

By | September 9, 2015

I’ve mentioned the universe of price action sellers before on this website. Today I’m going to revisit the subject because something very funny just happened. Someone sent me this article by Chris Capre, one of the high priests of price action sellers, 5 Reasons Why Hedge Funds Aren’t Trading Confirmation Price Action Signals where he frontally attacks the Pope himself, Nial Fuller. Now, that’s what I call real entertainment. :)

First let’s start with some details on who the combatants are:

  1. Nial Fuller is one of the more obnoxious internet marketers out there masquerading as professional traders. I haven’t  written about Nial before because he provokes me a gag reflex and I’m afraid I’m just going to puke all over my laptop. :) But here’s a good review of him and the kind of shenanigans he’s up to: Learn To Trade The Market Review
  2. Chris Capre has been selling price action related stuff for more than five years. I think he came on the scene at just about the same time as Fuller. While not as offensive, Capre has his fair share of skeletons in the closet. For starters, he doesn’t have any track-record. Then he mentions he’s a fund manager at KronoxFX, yet no verifiable performance records of that exist either. Then there’s this strange thing of him boasting to be a philanthropist (donating over 10% of net revenues each year). Why would you even mention that ? And if you do mention it, why not bring some actual proof ? Hey, it takes me 3 minutes to make a page and list ten charities to which I can pretend that I donate. He seems to be into religion, Buddhism. Well, if I remember correctly, in the Bible the showing off is frowned upon. There are more skeletons, but I think these suffice for now.

Don’t be the guy on the right, Chris Capre. God doesn’t like that type.

Ok, with the above being said, let’s analyze the article. It’s a wonderful mix of truth, self promotion, bashing a competitor and unverified, unprofessional claims. The first part, where he tears into Nial Fuller and his fakey pin bars bullshit, is true and the most funny part of the article. Conjecturing about what the hedge-funds and prop trading firms might or might not be doing is unwarranted in my opinion, save for the obvious that they’re not into Fuller’s BS.

Under Reason #3 paragraph we find this gem:

I’ve made over 20% in the last few months using your methods. I’m glad you poked giant holes in his price action strategies. 

Otherwise I’d still be waiting for pin bars and inside bars, missing hundreds of pips.

How’s that for unverified testimonial and kicking a competitor, all in one ? :) . Presenting a return without any mention of the risk taken to achieve it, is worse than worthless. Actually, it’s just bait for prospective customers.

I hope Nial Fuller won’t back into a corner and let this blow over, but charge back at Capre. I’m out to get some popcorn. :)

Later Edit:

I found another gem in the comments section of the above article:

FYI – I’m happy to put my top students numbers against anyone else from the pin bar + inside bar + engulfing bar camp and see who wins that one. I’m confident my top student (who also works a 9-5 job) will trump the top student from any of those other camps.

So we now have not only the battle of the giants, but the battle of their students as well. :) Here’s a tip for you Mr. Capre: if you’re so tough and mighty, why don’t you post your own numbers ? But please don’t insult our intelligence by posting excel tables or photos. Third-party verified performance only.

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16 thoughts on “The Battle of Price Action Trading Giants – Chris Capre vs Nial Fuller

  1. Christopher

    Chris Capre has been doing a 5 part series on the confirmation and why it’s crap. The latest above mentioned is the fifth part of it. In almost all the other parts he takes a crack at Nile, it’s funny, but degrading to the profession of trading.
    I made a comment to him basically saying that even if his hypothesis is correct, it’s of no relevance to retail traders because most retail traders don’t have time to watch a screen for eight hours like ‘the banks’ do.

    Also he mentions that waiting for a candle stick pattern is useless because banks and funds are already in profit by then which is silly because the banks make up the market which means there likely gonna be in before you which is why people wait for a candle pattern because they tell us what the banks or market are doing. That’s the whole point of them. Anyway, his claims are so full of holes I can’t hardly see the bucket anymore.
    One more thing, he has a whole section in his course (I regretfully paid for it a long time ago) about trading pinbars, shaved bars etc, which is what he gives Niall a hard time about. Go figure.

    Keep us up to date on this epic battle!

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Thanks for the info. I now had a look at the other articles from the series and it seems like the third part is when the full frontal attack on the Pope Nial Fuller started. Also the other high priest of price action, Johnathon Fox got creamed, being called a third hand derivative (as a former student of Nial who himself apparently was a student of J16 from ForexFactory). LOL, I like this stuff.

    2. Claudio Pena

      He doesn’t talk about that pinbars, shaved bars don’t work. He talks about that you don’t need candle stick patterns when entering a level, waiting on the “confirmation” of that level of a pattern will make the entry further away of the S/R.

    3. Vinod

      Reminds of old chinese flicks when two schools of martial arts fight each other to get more students….lol …but in this flick , both the masters suck

    4. rahmat

      I placed comments on Chris in his pages. here the latest one..

      Hello again Chris, thank you to share the video. I’ve watched in detail and review all numbers. Now I am more sure that you are misunderstood in this case. Simply analogy; just show the world in motogp circuit if you could beat Rossi or Marc in speed 200 mph. I’m just worry if you still talk from a 60 mph bike. In a trading contest where traders shall achieve at least 1,000% return of equity in 3 months to get a $100,000 credit for example. What strategy will champions do ?

      Final advice, I think it’s not necessary to very detail review over competitor(s). Just show the world your positive products and let the world select based on quality. Cheers.

  2. Christopher

    FYI – I’m happy to put my top students numbers against anyone else from the pin bar + inside bar + engulfing bar camp and see who wins that one. I’m confident my top student (who also works a 9-5 job) will trump the top student from any of those other camps.

    -lol it’s classic isn’t it. That’s what he replied to my comment.

    He just admitted that his best student still works 9-5 job which is a red flag for me.

    Not only does he have no legitimate track record of success but there is also no track record of his students success.

  3. Ian

    Thanks for writing this post. I had been following Nial for almost 2 years without actually buying his program. I broke even in my live trading account and wanted more. I did more research and found Chris Capre. I thought he was the real deal until doing more research. So if both these guys are jokers, who to follow? I definitely need a mentor to be able to trade with hopes of doing more than breaking even.

  4. tradingforaliving

    one character more offensive than the other.
    preying on the most gullible people in the society and making them waste money and time.
    kudos for exposing such scum

  5. counter-counter-counter-counter-intelligence

    This Axitrader “competition” proves absolutely nothing. It was gambling tournament. Pure and simple.

  6. malen


    just read by chance the article ..about the battle taking place …must be such a lucrative business to sell “trading education” / trading courses ..even more so than trading itself or so it seems as everyone is at it ..even so called respectable fund managers …

    and then i read one of the post advising “jarratt Davis as the “true mentor ” guy …

    well he’ s just been inviting people to open FX accounts with AXI trader via his referral as in this case one’s account will receive special care ! That is not the case normally , only with Jarratt Davis referral blabla

    to make it short , please read the latest “offer” by Jarratt Davis , inviting people / newbie traders to open an account via “his referral” with the same broker AXI trader ( that is Nial fuller’s business partner who basically gave him a 1 million $ )

    and of course , if you don’t open an account via J.Davis referral , your trading account won’t be as well “taken care” of …

    So after selling his course , then his subscription to his “professional news feed” and lately his partner Chris live trading room ( trades only a few hours a day and by trading he means “monitoring” the markets ) but you can still profit from it even with a 9 to 5 job even though Chris won’t be able to reply / manage emails or send alerts …the cost is 297£ a month so that is 3564£ a year . Chris is said to be makes on average a 20% annual return …
    so if people and newbie would do the maths , just to break even and make this kind of money back ( 3564£ ) one would need a 18K account and that if you hit a 20% return ratio meaning he gives out all of his trades and you’re in the room all day everyday etc…..and he really makes 20 % etc….of course they never answer this type of comments / questions

    same for the risk reward ratio..Mr J.Davis has on average a 165 stop for pips loss on average ( I’ve asked ) even with a 50/50 win loss ratio, one would need to make 330 pips “win” to get ahead …that ‘s a fairly big move
    yet i only see / read of of 75/80 pips daily targets when we were once receiving the daily morning commentary with some trade ideas which have stopped completely ….or perhaps i’ve been removed from the list
    I won’t say more ..
    there was some good and free material for people wanting to learn
    however it has turned into a marketing tool to generate a fairly consequent revenue out of a large pool of naive people , hoping to turn their lives around from a 9 to 5 job into a “glamorous” career of a pro FX trader or even better a fund manager at his firm in London .
    Reality: trading is and can be boring , long hours , lost of sitting , lots of work, pressure , screen based, solitary etc…it’s not what most people think ….” seems like easy money ” …”hardest “easy money to make”

    original message as of late:


    Why choose AxiTrader?

    Get from $100,000 to $1,000,000+ trading capital from Axi

    Axi is one of the only brokers in the world to host a money manager incubation solution open to retail traders, called AxiSelect.

    They have hundreds of traders in the AxiSelect program, and generally between 6 to 7% of these traders receive funding from Axi. It will generally take 6 to 9 months for your account to be monitored before a decision on whether to fund you or not is made.

    If the decision of funding is made, the funding generally starts with $100,000, but can go up to over $1 million. Axi’s selection committee consists of professional traders with combined experience of 75+ years, and they are ready and eager to provide mentoring, networking opportunities, recommendations on appropriate industry licensing, and guidance to successful traders along a structured pathway towards becoming a full time trader.

    No other credible forex broker that we know of offers this kind of opportunity to retail traders…

    Privileged Positioning

    When a retail trader normally opens an account with a broker on their own, their business is often insignificant to that broker, which means that if something goes wrong, they will get very limited help.

    However, when you open your account with Axi, under Jarratt, your positioning will be highly privileged, because your account will be looked at as referral from Jarratt, and because Jarratt and his firm are very large and important clients to Axi, they will go out of their way to make sure you get the highest levels of service and support should there be any problems.

    © Copyright 2007-2016

    1. JLTrader Post author

      For the record, I didn’t recommend Jarratt Davis’ mentoring services – all I said was that he stands out from the fraudulent price action crowd (if nothing else, because he works in a legit firm, Smile Global Management). Since then, he started this AxiTrader business which in my view has misleading advertising, to say the least.

      1. JLTrader Post author

        Further thoughts: claiming 110k profit (11% of account) after the Brexit referendum like in this video: is what really pisses me off. For starters, it’s unverified, it may very well be a demo account, we have no way of knowing it. But giving the guy the benefit of the doubt: this is not the way professional people present things – you’ve got to give the context, at least the year to date results, if not for the entire lifetime of that respective account.
        Here is an example of correct reporting:

  7. Marco

    Well, thanks for the open-eye comments and information. I used to read Nial’s blog and recently I discovered Chris Capre and thought they were great Allways with this question in my mind: if so… why they sell anything? why the waste of time writing a blog or uploading videos on youtube? don’t understand.

    What do you think about JH Grandgerard. He is from south america so his videos are all in spanish. It’s all free information (almost 60 videos 3h lenght each) in which he discuss how the market work, what is the language of price, and so on. If you understand spanish, I encourage you to look at his videos (look for tendenciasfx on youtube).

  8. Sveve Willis

    Hello everyone,

    after some trial and error attempts I tried to find the best possible education material on trading and obviously came across both of these ScamSters – Nial and Chris. They are nothing but online marketers.

    None of them applies in practice the sophisticated (LOL) methods that he charges money for.

    How come a successful Forex trader whose knowledge is worth tens of millions of dollars be selling online courses for 300 bucks? And both claim that the current month they are discounting their course by 40%, while the price has been the same for years??? Such dishonest, annoying marketers that evaporate your will to have anything in common with them.

    Both of them are worth 0.00000000000000000000000000 .One of them is entitling himself “THE AUTHORITY’ while the other clown is pretending to be meditating yoga guru philantropist.

    Why isnt he giving away his own money? Because by giving away money that he made from the course, he is actually giving away our money i.e WE ARE DONATING MONEY, N O T H I M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Both these guys should be forced to work in coal mine for dozens of years for their fakeness and affiliation with broker firms!


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