The Wandering Scammer – Marcello Arrambide

By | January 23, 2016

Marcello Arrambide, the guy behind and considers himself to be the luckiest person in the world: he has location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. He has achieved all this through day trading the stock market. For a few thousand bucks, he can teach you how to be like him. Just let me clear my throat a moment. Ahem, BULLSHIT, cough.

Let’s start by having a look at how Marcello answers the question: how much can I make day trading:  trading stocks, he claims a huge 495% in six months, for which he offers a photo as proof. For S&P 500 e-mini futures trading, 1-2 hours a day are enough to make a full time income. With such results, no wonder he’s a carefree globetrotter. :)

The main issue is that none of the claims Marcello makes are supported by any facts: his day trading academy website has been up for 5 years now but we’re yet to see a third party verified track-record. Instead, we’re offered lots of worthless testimonials.

He was caught red handed when he tried to leave a positive review on posing as a client:

fake review by Marcello Arrambide

fake review by Marcello Arrambide

What really pissed me off and made me write this article was the following video he uploaded on YouTube: Why Day Trading Forex Is A Scam. It’s so full of BS, it is criminal.

So here we have a scammer who’s been selling dreams for 5 years calling the most liquid market in the world a scam. Say what ?! Any trader who knows the ABCs of trading Forex can tell that Arrambide doesn’t have a clue of what he’s talking about in that video.

He mentions brokers manipulating the market – yeah, maybe some bucket-shops registered in a Pacific island, only that their clients aren’t actually in the market at all. They trade against the broker, so it’s the data feed they get from the broker that gets manipulated.

He mentions Central Banks manipulating the Forex, without going into details. But if we consider QEs for instance to be acts of manipulation, the effects were propagated to all asset classes, including stocks and the S&P 500 that Marcello supposedly trades.

Apparently Forex is a zero-sum game where the money lost by retail traders goes to institutions, hedge-funds, banks. That’s a myth that I addressed before.

After insisting on how terrible the Forex market is for trading, Marcello recommends the futures market where according to him, you can make an average of $100 a day with a $1.000 account.

I’m just amazed of how he was able to compact so much BS and misinformation in under 3 minutes.

To conclude: Marcello Arrambide presents a well crafted illusion. All you have to do to see through it is to separate the facts (his travels) from the fiction (that he pays for them via day trading profits). Even if you’re only interested in traveling, I’d recommend you steer clear from such a dishonest person. There are plenty of legitimate travel blogs and sites out there for you to choose from.

67 thoughts on “The Wandering Scammer – Marcello Arrambide

  1. trendtrader

    Finally someone saying like it is ! There are very few negative reviews of Daytradingacademy and Marcello – on Investimonials the ratio is something like 5 negative reviews to 120 positive ones. Word on the street is that Marcello gives a month of free access to his service for people who post good reviews. Goes to show there are some desperate folk out there.
    Anyway, money talks and bullshit walks, and all we have from him is the latter. No proof that he or any of his students is trading profitably.

    1. Juan Manuel

      of course. No se dejen engañar, ninguna estrategia cuesta loq ue piden los del day trading academy, lo que estan haciendo es vender una simple estrategia por precio oro, lo peor una estrategia tan comun como cualquier otra que podrian ingeniarse ustedes mismos una vez aprendan de trading, yo personalmente hice un curso en 21 trading couch y eso que estaba avalado por la U del Rosario, un diplomado carisimo en donde te enseñan el price action pero sorpresa todo lo aprendido alli se encuentra gratis en youtube y en internet, ademas dictado por traders con poco experiencia y resultados, lo mismo pasa en DTA, los reviews positivos que se encuentra es porque ellos le dan beneficios a los alumnos que hagan un review positivo, no se dejne engañar, el vivo vive del bobo.

  2. Diman

    You’re playing with words in your article on forex not being a zero-sum game. The fact that it’s not always traders who lose money on the other side of the trade doesn’t change the thing. If someone made money, somebody else paid it to him (and, for example, got a worse exchange rate deal than he could few minutes ago) . Moreover, from what I’ve read, speculative capital anyway prevails over what you call “commercials” in any market (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Though I see what you essentially meant in that article, I think it’s not great to fiddle with such fundamental concepts.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      What I consider to be a truly zero sum game is a poker game: you have let’s say 5 guys at a table, all of them came with the intent of winning, and each one can only win at the expense of some or all of the others. In Forex you have so many participants, with so many different goals on different time frames that it is incorrect to claim that a retail trader’s loss is a bank’s or institution profit.

  3. Azam

    I went to a “trading” seminar a few days ago! My god are there some desperate people out there. The guy showed some account statements on a projector (which should immediate have alarm bells ringing.) Each statement showing over a 100% gains in less than a year. And guess what they are all students of his! Surprise surprise. When questioned about how realistic the figures are response “many of my students achieve similar results”.

    As long as people are desperate and naive enough to believe this stuff people will keep falling for it and making these guys a lot of money!

    Thanks as always.

  4. Andreas

    My God, those 2 videos ”life of a day trader” are just cringe-worthy. To keep away from such bozos, I have a simple rule: don’t buy trading education from someone who isn’t a real trader or in close contact with one !!

  5. Jack

    Marcello Arrambide, the wandering trader shown to actually be a wandering scammer LOL love the word play you’ve done here

  6. David

    The main disagreement is with FX. It is easily the worst market to trade for many people. I have a long list of reasons, but some very basic things that make me ignore the FX market completely. This is mostly for Americans like myself. If I lived in Europe, I would have a different attitude about FX….maybe.

    1. If you lived in London, I would look a lot more seriously at the FX market. However, living in the Eastern Time Zone in the U.S., FX is garbage. You have hardly any brokers left to use, and they are bad brokers compared most in Europe. People keep trying to move all the money off shore. Why? You have the best brokers here at home for other markets.

    2. The time is horrible. Trading around the clock is terrible. Losing all that sleep chasing time and trades is a poor way to trade. 90% of futures volume happens during NY. I don’t need to worry about things overnight since I go into each day liquid. I’m a daytrader in futures not positions or swings. You know when the real volume is going to kick in for futures, and that allows you to target your time to the most likely place to make real, consistent profits. You don’t know if Asia will the best or NY tomorrow. FX can move great while you sleep, and be dead while you’re awake.

    3. Leverage is a losers game. Don’t get me wrong, not all leverage. 400:1 or 200:1 is just stupid. That is just selling people who aren’t good traders on the idea they will turn a few hundred into hundreds of thousands. If you have $100,000 to trade, you would be a fool to be sitting out there using that much leverage. This is just a way to sucker in greedy, poor people who think the leverage will make them rich fast. The reality is simple. IF you can trade, you don’t need 200:1 leverage. It might take you an extra few months to get to the money you wanted, but you can easily do it on 20:1 or 50:1 without all the extra risk. 200:1 is just a really fast way to blow up your account. FX loves to sell this crap. If you want leverage, learn some good ways to play options. You leverage up a great deal, and be safer, IF you know what you’re doing. Very people need to be playing high leverage.

    4. Too little regulation and no real central exchange. It’s bad enough when a broker in your home country rips you off, but at least you have some legal recourse. If you were stupid enough to move your money offshore into a market that is so poorly regulated and get burned, it’s your own fault. You had plenty of markets here to make more money than you need. You just need to learn how to trade.

    There are plenty more reasons, but it would take forever to list all the reasons FX is bottom of the pile for someone in the USA to trade. After the SNB fiasco awhile back they released the retail forex numbers. They were not very big numbers. There were only like $26 billion in retail accounts around the World. Out of nearly 4 million accounts, barely over 100k of those accounts were in the U.S. This is why you see all the U.S. FX brokers basically consolidating and disappearing. There simply isn’t much money in it here.

    Bottom line, FX is like penny stocks, it is the home of the scammers. You are selling the dream of making incredible amounts of money out of almost no money. Use common sense, no one is selling you a million dollar plan for a few hundred bucks.

    1. Gerard

      Hi David, would it be possible to contact you and ask you some questions on how to learn daytrading futures?

  7. NA

    You seem to be criticising educational providers, whilst running an educational service yourself and being 5.5% down. I assume you won’t post this.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Being down for certain periods of time is a reality of trading that very few educational providers and no scammers admit. That’s why you very seldom see verified trading performance – it doesn’t marry up with the fantasy being sold.

  8. ricardo

    Hi guys

    I was a student at day trading academy for 6 months and I had the opportunity to be close to the “trade center” that he has in Medellin Colombia , besides I meet all the “in house traders” that he says are making money after less than 3 Months of preparation with their system that is basically stupid indicadors that are Worthless ( Ema 20,80 etc)
    no one there is a trader, and no one of the guys that you see in the videos are live or making money,

    Marcello can be a Lier , Scamer ,soap opera actress but never never never can be consider as TRADER and for God sake he never has been or will be a succesfull trader ,
    he live from stealing money from people who has the dream to be free and make money ( thats why he has a huge demographic target )
    I read before that there is not so may bad reviews abut him and their Day scammer academy , let me tell you why?
    first at all the most of the people who has been scamed by marcello never understand the Markets completely, they quit soon , so they really don’t understand whats really going on , besides that motherfucker don’t deserve the time to write about him because he is a bag of pupu seasoned with vomit and he knows it and he knows what he is doing is not right at all , but Marcello is that kind of lier that finished believing their lies (patetic )
    marcello is the biggest lier and professional scamer I ve ever now in my all life , his scammer factory works based on lies and mind games and I could continue for all day long, just let me tell you this, they even pay to an old guy who used to be fireman to pretend to be an successful trader that used to be marcello’s aprentice his name is JIM and his nickname at the school is super Man (LOL these guys are the worst people ever)

    The bad news for marcello is that he is scamming the wrong people in Colombia and colombia is not USA 😉

    1. Dominik

      Well Ricardo
      Your posting gives the impression that Marcello has really done you injustice. Out of interest when did you spot “their system that is basically stupid indicadors that are Worthless”. Why did you stay for all that 6 months?

  9. Héctor

    Hi guys,

    What’s the most reliable way to learn day traiding?

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Why would you want to learn day trading in particular ? It’s perhaps the most difficult and demanding (time and emotion wise) form of trading.

    2. Kirk Hilles

      The ONLY way to learn is to get some data and do experimenting and find a way to back test over history. Very, very few (something like 1%) of people can or are willing to do that and invest the time and learn and adapt and develop a successful strategy, so 99% fail. You can’t buy a successful strategy. They are all scams.

  10. Yehuda

    pardon my dumb question , but the day trading academy offers live webinars during market hours and offers insights as to where the market should go, and they seem to be on the ball. I guess i could just test it with another screen from ninja trader but i’m not familiar with navigating the site and watching futures. I’m very new to this.

    1. johnST

      I agree, Yehuda. I attended some of these free webinars of Marcello and eventually I signed up. So far it has been interesting, I have actually learned a lot from his student who teaches the classes. I don’t know about others, but I am learning from their program.

  11. Kirk Hilles

    I happened upon this site after seeing the whole sales pitch website on a different search.

    Look, here are the realities. First off, there is NOTHING wrong with the Forex market. Its clean and pure trading. No restrictions on shorting, because you are ALWAYS shorting (and going Long at the same time). The problems are though that the Bid/Ask Loss (and implicit commission hidden in there) adds up. Think about it. Even if you only pay 1 pip (tiny amount) of loss per trade and make 50 trades a day then you need to AVERAGE 50 PIPS PROFIT A DAY just to break even. Have a day where you LOSE 50 Pips? Well then, tomorrow you’ll need to recover 100 Pips for Bid Ask Loss + the 50 Pips you lost. Next is human nature. Look at stats posted around and you’ll see that while Profitable trades by people are a much higher percent than losers (its like 65% winners vs 35% losers), the amount Won vs Lost is the difference. The losses average like 4x more than the winning amounts which results in bad losses and accounts being wiped out. The rule is something like 1% of all Traders are successful long term.

    If you want to be a Trader, NOBODY can help you come up with a strategy. You must be able to do it alone. If you can’t dig through data, do simulated trades, backtest in systems, etc then you can’t succeed long term. Period. You. WILL. LOSE. All websites claim that they want to “share” their success and other BS. That’d be like giving someone a nuclear power plant. Eventually it’ll all meltdown. Why share techniques when you can just make the money and do whatever they want with it. Want to help people? Then donate your millions (and should be billions if these people were as good as they claimed) to charity.

    It’s ALWAYS a scam. There are bits of truth embedded in there (if you are lucky and its not a complete lie), but the whole truth is that they are NOT SUCCESSFUL TRADERS. Maybe they WERE for some brief lucky point of time, but not now. They don’t care about you. They don’t want to help you. They want your money! If they are so generous and wanting to “help” then why not just post their strategies openly?

    Do yourself a favor and open a spreadsheet see what a 1% return per day looks like if reinvested. By my calculations, I see somewhere around $1,000 turning into $5.6 BILLION in a little over 4 years. You think these people are Billionaires? LOL. No.

    Please don’t fall for it. If you want to be a trader, then grab some data and start experimenting. If you aren’t willing or able to put in the work, find another path for your dreams.

    1. Sergio

      Kirk i would like to see how 100 usd in daily earnings would become billions if reinvested in 4 years. Maybe im not doing my math correctly. Regards.

      1. Ricardo

        Not billions, but one billion. If you earn 1% every day and you reinvest it, you are going to double your capital every 71 days. That means you are going to double your capital 20 times in 4 years (there are approximately 20 periods of 71 days in 4 years). That is enough to transform 1000 dollars in 1 billion dollars.

  12. casino en ligne

    Hi, but some people already have some experience to share with Marcello…
    they felt that the training is based on what… and do he use leverage or there is a proof technique, sorry if its look like repeat the topic but i m quite curious to understand or listening in what is course is ineffective or effective or whatever you have to say about it…

    1. ricardo souza

      I will tell you this as quick as I can because the time of a profesional trade worth a lot of money, none of the guys who was an “in house trader ”
      “in house trader ” were the name to the guys whom he give them for free all the course in order to have a lot of people to show of on the videos but people paying the course were very few
      “in house trader are part of the scam also ” these guys appears in the videos saying that there at live after 3 months and marcello arrambide scamer said they are profitable , totally fake , I know all of them , the best according Marcello still taking the bus every day to go to school ( highly profittable according marcello but he still leaving with his parents and don’t produce any money beside he has burned around 3 accounts) and believe me there is a huge list of things that make marcello arrambide a scammer , because he knows that his indicators are worthless,
      * crazy leverage
      * he only teach in the ES because in the Forex or other market his indicators are a joke ( in the ES doesnt work either but he try)
      *their teachers were students that change the style to become scalpers because he felt the pain
      * there is one guy in the school named Nikolai that pay a course in order to learn estructural trading and mixed with their system but they couldn’t , everything was a total disaster, all the “in house traders” were confused more than before , they are not bad guys just stupid
      * ask to marcello the time when he said that he lost 80 K in the market “ES” it was for being using crazzzzzy leverage+ useless indicators+ 0 knowledge about money management , after he lost everything he decide not doing trading anymore and open a school named Day trading academy by marcello arrambide a total fake scam
      * marcello is not the only kid that after losing the few money the he got from his mom fighting with the market quit and open a school , there is a lot of dushbags like that but they are not traders , a trader trade , a scammer scam

      but if you still want to give your money to scammer , I wish you a happy trip in the markets my friend

      1. Casino en ligne france

        Thanks for the quick and complete answer, an other question you mention you are trading do you think that there is a method today that worth? Tim sykes or anton kreil method for exemple?
        THE STORY OF THE 80 i hear that you did he’s course right? In the video on youtube there is a guy with a beard with him and all the review from people can you tell me how does people can speak about a fake method and fake results?
        A lot of question but i m really curious about get deeper in trading and became more skilled even if i already have years of experience i want to get to know deeper some sfrategies…
        Thanks for answer to that and we can keeo contact in case…

        1. ricardo souza

          Tim sykes or anton kreil method for exemple?
          R/ I dont know them , so I cant talk if is good or bad

          THE STORY OF THE 80 i hear that you did he’s course right?
          R/ more than that , I was trading every day live and doing simualtion for more than 6 month ( 2 years SIM ) under their “system” in thier office in medellin el poblado

          can you tell me how does people can speak about a fake method and fake results?
          R/ first at all the 99% of the costumers from day trading academy scam are bigginers that doesn know anything abouth the industry, how accurate can be your reviewe aster a seminar when you never had the opportunity to prove if all the context is real or jus a scam
          look my friend , he use indicators that some time make a 2 pts trade in the Es risking 1.25 pts , thats a ratio relantionship 0.8 :1 not even 1:1 ask to any one who paid his bills as a trader if this works?
          the best lie is almost close to the true, never far away because if is like that every body will know it
          also I did the military trining an let me tell you that is the biggest scam ever, but remember nobody knows at that point because beginner know nothing,

          take in count that he know that the 99% of people quit or dont continue , so is perfect for his scam because nobody has ther proper argument or knowledge to show his scam

          i m really curious about get deeper in trading and became more skilled even if i already have years of experience i want to get to know deeper some sfrategies…
          R/ my friend try to be away from all the courses that offert you a strategy , this is a moving picture case by case scrnario , so thats not possible , no indicators if that would work even marcello arranbide will be rich and not the scammer that he is

          I dont suggest to people where to study because thats its very serious but I suggest you this:
          write to day trading academy scam , better in marcello facebook and ask him where one of his “master traders” ( lol) Nikolia dimitro took the course of structural trading in order to steell all the information to sell it for 3,000 dolars

          with this and fallowing the clues you will get there
          let us know what that bitch tell you
          he knows me , we live in the same city and he knows the time for being honoring his self will end soon.

  13. Tim Wooten

    Marcello and DTA are the best! I’ve been with DTA for about a year and a half and it’s the best decision I’ve made! Marcello is such a cool dude and him and the other teachers are always there to help out anytime! They want nothing more than to produce consistent and profitable traders! I would recommend anyone joining the program and seeing for themselves how valuable the lessons are!

    1. meilleur casino

      yes its look like you are a kind of girlfriend in love to say those those ads… your argument are not what someone expect… its look like a promoter!! hahah thats funny…
      Its the best blablbabala I came here for have some answers…and say that hes the best its not enough!!!! we need to see the tracks of trades and the strategy !!if not its definitely renforce the idea of scam…
      so please Tim Wooten or Jerry springer show.. tell us more information about that…
      Clint eastwood

  14. ricardo souza

    another marcellos girlfriend
    who are you?
    what markets do you trade?
    what is your rentability ?
    please show us how do you use leaverage and how your midband fyl and the all indicators worls in the oil or the bonds or the currencys !
    and the most important , do you have any tru form to prove that you are a consisten and profit able trader?

    Dta has around 10″ in house traders” that doesnt trade , instead they do the marketing and post fake comments like that crap that just said ,
    look kid this is gonna be my last comment because I get really mad and that affect my trading , the real trading is not about indicators but listen this

    what you are doing selling dreams is not right , and we invite you to show us your consisten trading average , but not like marcello that has the same winning trade at the same time in the same market in one video in spanish and other in english , my friend diego jaramillo cought him in this one , it was ther when I realized that he was just blufff
    remembet that markets can do the same for more than 1 year , so It will be interisting see what you gonna do when the Es change his flow, besides tell us please how you trade the other markets….. ups sorry I forgot that Day trading acadamy scam indicators only look like work moreless in the Es

    ask to your boyfriend marceloo why nikolia dimitrov one of his master traders dont do trading with dta indicators and instead of that he learn from the best structural trading?

    I repeat … this is my last comment , I will fix the issues that I have with marcello but not like this way, no have time for this crap

    who f..g are you? tell us please how many years have in this , do you trade 3 hours and then you travel around the world and give tours of hotel rooms and houses that are mot yours in videos like your boyfriend?
    I want your name to invite you to something to prove alll that lies that you say publicly

    maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow but one day you and you boyfriend will have the opportunity to prove all what you guys have the balls to say and you will have to give us back the money to all the one that keep doing this or change businnes

    soapopera actress could be a good choice

    si quieres vida vive en paz , si quieres muerte vive en guerra, no se puede vivir de las 2 formas

  15. Crooked Hillary

    Thank you for this post and thread- I am glad to see I was not the only one scammed by this guy.
    I lost time and $$ to Marcello many years ago and realized early on he was a fast talker who never traded.
    I knew a few of the “Master Traders” I spoke to Nikolai a few times and discussed fractals, I believe he took Timothy Morge’s pitchfork course.

    When discussing questionable acts of DTA with a ‘master’ trader close to Marcello – I asked him to observe Marcello in the live webinars and how he would double talk with any trade. How the legacy trades should be skipped or become advanced or pro trades after the fact. Marcello is good at slight of hand and quick talking and applying peer pressure so your question when confronting him will not go over well.

    When the master trader I know was asked by Marcello to open a trading center – I suggested to him that he verify Marcello is actually trading and is profitable and to have his lawyers review. When he confronted Marcello with this ( very nicely) the response from Marcello was insulting- That Marcello would never release trading statements. The relationship ended there.

    I see that thedaytradingacademy is still listed on Ninja’s ecosystem list. I would suggest that anyone who has been scammed by Marcello fill out a complaint form here:

  16. Diego Jaramillo

    Hello, my name Diego Jaramillo, my experience with the course offered by the liar Marcello Arrambide was totally a farce, about 6 months trying to learn his based on moving averages strategy, a strategy which Marcello fills the mouth saying it is a successful strategy and this will take you to have a great life style … LIE.

    Marcello is a liar who sells courses to people who were once ignorant on the subject of markets, and not lie, I was also trapped by all this “movie” that has marcello and his soldiers saying they’re fully profitable when not they are, uploads videos to youtube operating in demo accounts, and replay in order to have a winning position, since not live layers, the risk benefit is less than 2: 1

    I had the opportunity to assist in its offices in Medellin Colombia with my partner Ricardo Souza, and really this man has no idea of ​​trading, he is just a salesman who sells junk Ignorant people, he said to be from the United States to look more important, this character is used in Latin America who have no idea of ​​the stock market, forex, futures, CFD etc, and is a frustrated youtuber trying to show his “great lifestyle” traveling with the money we all gave him.

    I hope my experience will serve to more people, initially in Latin America do not fall into the hands of this phoney


    1. Casino

      I m in Medellin I wanted to assist to those course but reading here gave me no desire anymore… but I tried to get in touch with you guys but got ignored…
      Ricardo or you Diego…

      1. ricardo

        Bro I dont see this page anymore because I m busy , but my friend told me that you want to reach us,
        remenber that only marcello and superman ( the old lie) can no study at all , trade one hour per day and make imaginary millions , the regular people like us , we have to study all day long bar by bar, study everything from the beginning to the end all the time like a cycle that never finish , fallow investigations , open new investigations , and the list keeps

        lets do something , if you are already here in medellin go to DTA and talk about all what you have find here and ask for garanties and you can try and after 6 – 12 month please give us your opinion ,

        marcello lives here in Medellin in laurales en a penhouse , ask for him , believe me that he already knows about this, he gave for free the courses to more than 20 guys in change of their time to make marketing and fight against true reviews like these ones

        and my friend I dont have any email from you , send me your email and Diego or I will write back to you,, but being honest with you all the answers that you look for are already written in this Blog
        there is no system , No magic ball , no nothing,,,,, find the true path is part of the process but if you think that I can help you in something,,, well send me you email

        DTA has a good marketing, even after read all that you are here ready to try,,,, well

        best regards

        1. Casino Francais

          My point is to keep in touche with you guys… i l a trader and I will not do he’s course coz many trader pretend to be expert and are not…
          I propose you to leave me your email address and I can contact you and we can meet in Medellin…

  17. Joe X.

    What’s interesting is that Cory at who has a very good site, many good articles on fx and trading in general is openly recommending them, even has an article:

    Very strange and conflicting ides from you and him. However not showing any live account statements and that he helds back the price of his course (only shares it on a one by one basis) makes it seem more scammy.

  18. Daninc

    I attended one of his conferences yesterday here in Medellin Colombia. The guy is really convensing and talented in regards to selling. But during some parts of the conference he was confusing and wouldn’t allow people to complete their questions. I appreciate all the comments found here because here in Latin America scammers are everywhere.

    1. Daniel Negrey


  19. camilo

    i attendent yesterday to the Open House. He start saying that his strategy is based 100% in tecnical analys and 5 minutes later said that make trading on the historic data is a terrible mistake. really? has no idea of what is he saying. look bad, specially for the number of beginers that were there in the Open House.

    1. Night Club

      yeah its look like he make his money on the bullshit course is selling and not on trading hitself…
      thats a way to earn money… haha

  20. Sergio

    Ivee seen insights here that are troublesome. Specially for people like myself that are beginers in trading and know marcello and dta and were about to sign for his course. Ive seen a lot of anger here and some of those posts seem more personal than anything else. They will be more helpful if presented with evidence instead of cursing. I was on an event the other day and some students were already live or they claimed to be live, one was sitting next to me. How is impossible to make 100 usd on a 100 usd dollar account on the ES jltrader? some of this students have stick up for a while some over a year and they still seem very happy to be in the academy, ive met some. Ive notice that some of the medellin people criticizing dta have the same way of writing in english and use kind of the same expressions, i wonder if they are the same person. Are this veryfied posts? Or just people that just want to trash dta? im in medellin ricardo souza and diego jaramillo, are you guys offering any advice on trading? are you guys colombian? Souza doesnt seem like a last name from here. Ricardo seems to know quite a bit and i dont know how he lasted for six months in the trading center without being suspicious of where the real money was. what do you mean by crazy leverage? on the ES you can see that with one point the system shows the 100 usd in simulation. i dont care how much marcello travels that is actually something that brings me down cause if he has a great product his personal life is none of my business, i also dont buy some of his reasons for teaching what he knows. ive seen videos of jim teaching in seminars and i wonder how that would be possible if he is a scam paid by marcello? If some one wants to do good should show evidence of why this is a scam, specially as it seems that you want to help the people like myself that are beginers and dont know much, you seem to be doing quite the opposite, talking like we already knew many things and that makes the critique a little more confusing.

  21. Crooked Hillary


    You don’t know what you don’t know and that is a problem.
    Once you give $$ to Marcello you will lose that money and also the time spent to learn Marcello’s method.
    I will simplify his method for you so you can save yourself some time and $$.
    Look for a move of momentum on the 610 tick chart ( or whatever he is using) If the momentum move is long then
    buy 1 tick above the 20 EMA- Place your stop 6 ticks below and your target 8 ticks above.
    Shorting do the opposite.

    What you will find is on strictly trending days you will do well – ( If you can get filled).
    Range days you will lose it all- and Marcello will give you every excuse in the book
    as to why you should not have taken those perfect “Legacy” setups.

    The deeper you get into his advanced setups the more you will lose.
    You will hear the doubletalk – the reasons why you just need more time and are not master trader
    material yet. etc etc.

    It sounds like you really want to believe in this guy- then by all means give him your $$ and your time
    and send him to his next destination.

    1. Sergio

      dont worry about that, 2 o 3 thousand dollars aint much, nobody is becoming rich or poor with a one time payment of that amount. if you have travelled in the past you know that doesnt last long.

      What i wanted to is to ask for proof instead of hate and calling him names. Or why beginers like me should stay away from him but with clear facts.

      i appreciate the explanation but i dont know his method. i cant understand it anyways if explained today. i just wanted to know why he is such a scammer but most people here just dont give any facts not to do it. everybody here talks like a smart ass and that is what bothers me like you are doing with me right now, and im starting to believe that this is just hate and not true reasons of why he is a scammer.

      Im worried cause i wanted to do that soon but i am having second thoughts on doing it. what you could say to help the comunity as this is a lerning blog (if you want) is… this method is worthless because of this and this, when you start going deeper this happened to me, or to a friend, and such, and marcello started talking crap to confuse me or him nd such and because of this experience i believe he is a scam. thats it. thank you anyways.

      1. JLTrader Post author

        2-3k multiplied by 10 or 100 fooled people…you end up with a nice figure. I thought I made it clear in the article why he’s a scammer – he acts and talks like one. He portrays trading to be much easier and profitable than it actually is (hey, if it were that easy and replicable to make 500% in 6 months we’d be all retired, trading by the beach) and then cons people into thinking that by giving him 2-3k or whatever, they can too live a fantasy life like him.

        1. Sergio

          thank you JL TRADER. your languaje and explanation has been very different from the people commenting here. yeah, i do not like the living the dream thing and the arguments he gives for sharing his advice. i also do not like the way he laughs when he says this is just too damn easy. ten minutes, people do not belive me!!! ive never seen something like that ever. not even in illegal matters. he claims about 300% year or so. i thought trading schools were a legit thing but now i see they are not. i appreciate the post and the discussion.

        2. Dominik

          I am intrigued at all that’s been said about this Marcello guy. I too display an interest in DTA like Sergio, hence this blog and individual views of Marcello has been useful. JLtrader commented that Marcello “He portrays trading to be much easier and profitable than it actually is”, but having watched his video on day trading part 1, one does not walk away with the impression observed by JL trader. Marcello was very clearly about the pros and cons of trading. He highlighted quite clearly loss is unavoidable but what he offers is how to minimise losses. I hedge on the market (as and when) and say hands on heart there is no perfect strategy. It is all about individual approach to the market. Is Marcello not simply selling his own strategy with regard to trading? I am obviously keen to hear from him as to how DTA and Marcello has done pre and post U.S. presidential election. I for one would have never anticipated a 7% fall on the eve of the election result than to see the market recover and being buoyant since.
          So, I don’t understand what scam it is that this guy is selling. I am not doubting other writers experience, I am just not getting it! I echoed the comments made by Sergio. There are lots of angers displayed in the writing of some writers. No doubt Marcello has really ripped them off. But how has he done that, they attended his course based on his strategy but that should never be the silver bullet to the road of millionaires. Is that what the expectation of attending his course was?

  22. Crooked Hillary

    I would suggest that the number of people fooled is well above 100 people. I remember he had setup
    a message board and automatically created accounts for new members. I recall the membership being over 1000 if I
    recall. I remember the number being large because at that point I realized that number X 3000 was in the millions.

    People who pay the $$ are angry for several reasons- The promise is you will be taught how to trade for a living
    or a lifestyle- That it’s possible if you simply follow his method. Then you realize through his fast talking shiftiness that the method changes whenever the market does. He will never lose- He will always tell you why you are wrong providing you hope – But after your time runs out you will need to pay him more $$ , give him a positive review or attend one of his live seminars. Look at the testimonials on his site- Notice all the long time students that pay > $2000 additional for the live training seminars – after taking the initial program. This tells you the method does not work.

    The real issue is after you pay the $$ to him for a method that is worthless- You are strung along with hope
    trying to get a hopeless method to work – While in this process you are losing precious time. This time should be spent learning how the market works and building your own method from scratch. This takes a lot of time and The daytrading academy course robs you of all of it. You will have to start all over with $3000 less in your pocket.

  23. Juan

    Thank you!!
    time I read those comments
    Someone may advise a good course to learn to operate options, futures?
    they think of SMB capital?

    a tiempo leí esos comentrios
    Alguien puede aconsejar un buen curso para aprender a opera opciones, futuros?
    que opinan de SMB capital?

  24. Fred

    Hi everyone,

    I am from Italy, I took the DTA course for 3 months (ENG and ESP, hablo espanol tambien )and now I am practicing alone at the 5th month. It looks like here are a lot of people who are trying to speak bad about DTA because they failed… In 5 months trading simulation I had bad periods where I felt I couldn’t do it but it is normal it takes time to learn. What do you think you pay the course and after 2 weeks you are profitable and consistent??? After 5 months now I have a good basic knowledge and I don’t wanna say I am consistent but almost. I am refining my style with the strategy and it is going quite well. For Crooked Hilary: strategy is stop 5 ticks target 8 ticks and there is no 20 EMA!! That is the Midband.
    So, the responsibility for your success is only yours! It is not just taking the course and wait, you need to put hard work everyday, on weekends and sometimes also saturday night while your mediocre friends are drinking at the bar. You cannot blame DTA or Marcello because you were unsuccessful, this is your problem.

    Obviously I am not saying Marcello’s marketing is not shady or corny because sometimes it is, showing all the travels ecc… but this is marketing, here we are discussing if is it worth buy the course or not. For me the course is very valuable and works! So if it works I think he is in the position to make corny marketing, the problem with corny marketing would be if the system didn’t work.

    Hope to be clear, I am available to answer to all the questions… also I can send my charts and actually if there are traders here who want to share ideas or whatever I would love to be in touch with you as I am alone in this business because course is finished (I only took the 3 months one). Tambien puedo hablarles en espanol para los traders de lainoamerica/colombia.

    If you want feel free to contact me or send me your email here. Thanks

    1. Sergio

      thank you for your useful post. i would like to talk to you. can you provide one email address pls? regards.

      1. Hayver

        Hola Sergio, También soy de Colombia y me gustaría contactarme contigo, tengo las mismas dudas que usted y contacté a un estudiante que ya está en vivo y coloca sus trades en instagram y lo que he visto hasta el momento es que ha tenido consistencia. Mi email es :

    2. Crooked Hillary

      Ahem- What do you think the midband is?? It is a simple 20 ema.
      You don’t know what you don’t know.

    3. Luis García


      I´m From Medellin Colombia, I would Like to see some of the charts, I´m thinking to take the course, but I´m not sure.

  25. Crooked Hillary

    Here is the entire system – No need to pay Marcello for the indicators he uses.
    The ema is 55 on his 610 tick charts 20 on the charts i use.

    From FIO
    The Yellow Line is a Moving Linear Regression set at 89ish.
    The band is a Keltner channel with the middle line set to EMA 55ish. with prob around a 3.5 multiplier to the upper & lower band.
    Take trades with momentum off the middle EMA, with a tight stop, that’s it!

    1. Dominik

      Crooked Hillary – you seem to know your stuff. May be is not a bad suggestion for you to be an educator. I think many folks (beginners) could learn a thing are 2 from you. From where I am sitting what you said about yellow line is moving linear regression means shit all to me but boy would i love to know what you mean! I suspect many folks on the blog share the same sentiment

  26. Fred

    Hello guys, for who did the DTA course and it’s either practicing or already live we are forming a network of traders to exchange information/ideas/trades both live during trading hours and outside in order to team up and have all more success in this… Who is interested please write me here


    1. Paul

      That guy is a scammer… sell course of basic stuff that you can find on youtube… strategy that are martingale… scam me if you can!
      He made gold bridges selling he’s courses to people motivated and desire to succeed in life..
      Shame on him…get a real job..

  27. ricardo souza

    he recibido muchos emails de gente pidiéndome consejo acerca de DTA y mucha gente según vi acá creen que es envidia o mala intención hacia marcello , yo la verdad no tengo tiempo para esto porque en realidad el tiempo es limitado y yo estoy así como ustedes enfocado en ser el mejor en esto ( el mejor que yo pueda ser, la competencia es con migo mismo como todo gran atleta esto es beyond people is about me )
    pero la cosa es que la gente lea y tomen su decisión , darle 3 mil solares a marcello no te va hacer mas rico o mas pobre y seguro después de eso aprendes que todos los sistemas no sirven , todo el que te prometa esto o lo otro es estafa porque si fuera tan fácil todos estarían sacando plata a por montones y no es asi

    así que aqui dejo el ultimo mail de un trader que me pregunta lo que todos preguntan y le pido en la contestación que poste algo con su opinion
    Buenas noches Ricardo.
    Estuve leyendo varios comentarios entre ellos el tuyo referente a la escuela de Marcello el Day Trading Academy.
    Llevo 2 años operando futuros y estoy dudoso de comprar otro curso ya que ninguno es lo que promete ser.
    Casi estoy a punto de contratar el curso por 3 o 6 meses pero quise investigar antes .

    Agradeceria tu opinión de que si vale o no adquirir el curso.

    Muchas gracias por tu tiempo

  28. ricardo souza

    aqui esta mi contestacion

    Marcello es un estafador mas de los tantos que hay en nuestro rubro, recuerda que solo el 1% de todos los participantes del mercado lo logra ny te lo digo con 100% de seguridad que marcello es cualquier cosa menos un trader exitoso , poner escuelas y sistematizar el mercado es lo que hacen todos los sin vergüenzas que fracasaron en el trading así que ojo con eso

    no te voy a dejar e n el aire pero si te voy a decir que todos los sistemas no sirven , todo el que te prometa esto o lo otro es estafa porque si fuera tan fácil todos estarían sacando plata a por montones y no es asiyo cuando estaba en DTA vi que el único que en realidad quería ser trader era un tipo que se llamaba nikolai dimitrov ya que el estaba estudiando en un lugar que se llamaba market geometry ( de hecho ve a la sección de testimonios y espera que salga el testimonio de nikolia para que lo veas) raro cierto un posesor de DTA sacando clases en otro lugar.. raro cierto y una cosa te digo los indicadores no van con price reading , y quien te diga eso es otro estafador como marcella

    este lugar te pide una mensualidad de 179 dolares por mes ( significativo partiendo del hecho que quien dirige los mapeos factura fácilmente mas de 10 Millones al año y quien dirige el fondo Timothy morgue es una market maker es decir una ballena) y lo bueno es que si no te gusta te vas cuando quieras y nadie te cobra mas , prueba ahi solo que ahi no te ofrecen las estrellas como Marcelo ni un sistema al cual aferrarte o probabilidades a las cual culpar si el trade no funciona

    te pido solo una cosa

    si ves el testimonio de nikolia / si entras a Market geometry por favor postea tu comentario acerca de todo porque así como tu hay varia gente que se ve tentada en caer en la estafa por que quien no quiere salir adelante en la vida?

    Best regards

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