Nial Fuller – The Unexpected Winner Of AxiTrader Million Dollar Competition

By | May 12, 2016

Nial Fuller – The Unexpected Winner Of AxiTrader Million Dollar Competition

I must admit, I’ve never seen this one coming ! :) Nial Fuller as the winner of AxiTrader Million Dollar competition ! Click to see the official announcement.

Quick recap: I’ve written my impression about AxiTrader’s marketing exercise disguised as a search for trading talent back in December. You can read the article here.

Nial Fuller is a self styled ‘trading authority’ and ‘professional trader’. He’s been selling $300 Forex price action courses since 2009. Seven years and numerous challenges to back up his claims later, there’s still no verified track-record of his trading. He was exposed as the dishonest internet marketer he actually is in this review by

In the past, Nial Fuller has had at least one type of business relationship with AxiTrader, whereby clients who opened an account with a minimum of $1.000 (if I remember correctly) received his course for free.

Now, I see two possible explanations for his winning the competition:

  1. He did get lucky. The way the competition was structured, selecting the winner strictly based on the biggest percentage return over a 3 months period, luck played a major role. Being one among maybe a few hundreds participants, Nial Fuller’s probability to win was small, but it existed.
  2. He was ‘helped’ to get lucky. The skeptic in me can’t sweep under the carpet the fact that the result is very convenient for both parties involved. Nial Fuller can use the fame of winning the competition  to attract more clients who then can be directed to open a trading account with AxiTrader.

Later edit: as Janos pointed out in the comments section, there were 123 participants. The user Maverick gambled the minimum amount required of $5.000 and came on top with a 369% return (-71% max draw-down). The identity of Maverick was revealed only yesterday as being Nial Fuller. Assuming everything was done legit, it still casts a bad light on Fuller – why didn’t he say from the start, ‘hey guys, I’m going to try my luck with AxiTrader’s competition, wish me the best’ ? Because he wanted no one to know, had he blown up the account. But now that he won, he can BS gullible people with a text like this:

After taking out the competition, Mr Fuller said, “Winning the competition was a balance of finding quality trading opportunities, applying sophisticated money management and having the discipline not to trade and risk giving up the lead.

192 thoughts on “Nial Fuller – The Unexpected Winner Of AxiTrader Million Dollar Competition

  1. Christopher

    On face value it does seem a bit fishy.

    At first the optimist in me wanted to believe that maybe Nial could actually trade. After all it’s unlikely to see those returns in three months but still possible, but then after thinking about it, there is no published account statement or verification!. As far as AxiTrader goes they haven’t done there due diligence to disclose adequate details of competition entries and results. At the end of the day the jury is still out.

    1. Xavier Comelli

      Guys, I am a bit confused why so much negativity… This sound like ackman on Herbalife… Funny, I made a bundle betting against ackman… And I have had execellent results using PA as described by Neil… After reading hundred of books about trading, to me at least, Neil course is the best money I have ever spend to fine tune my trend following strategies…

  2. Neil

    haha what a coincidence. NOT ! A guy who for the past 6 years hasn’t shown any evidence that he trades at all, enters a competition with the broker to whom he’s been IB for years and wins with 369% !!
    Anyone who believes this story might as well start writing a letter to Santa Claus

  3. Paul

    What a travesty ! How was Nial Fuller even allowed to participate in this competition ? I thought that in this sort of contests, employees and business partners of the organizer aren’t eligible to participate ??

    1. JLTrader Post author

      That’s a very good point Paul. I checked the T&C document, and all it states referring to this matter: ‘Axi personnel cannot participate in the FX Trading Competition’

      So legally speaking, he was eligible to take part in the competition. But morally and ethically, I think we can all see through this BS – so a customer representative or a tech guy hired 2 months ago can’t participate, but Nial Fuller who’s had a longer and more important relationship with AxiTrader than the first 2 guys, can participate. LOL


    It’s impossible for Nial to achieve this kind of return. He promotes trading on H4 and daily charts!!
    It’s only big scalpers with guts that win this kind of competition. Nial happens to be allergic to scalping.

  5. Shane

    If you know about support/resistance trading then his teachings are pretty sound and gives good R:R which would be critical in a tournament where you wouldn’t have time to recover from a drawdown.
    I haven’t taken his course but have read enough material on his website to see his analysis is good.
    Review his website posts before criticizing his potential as a trader.
    ***I have NO relationship with Nial or AxiTrader.

  6. Brian

    I think it’s obvious that it was a fix and this definitely puts me off AxiTrader. They have the marketing tactics of a bucketshop and if they think it is OK to behave like this who knows what other BS they’re up to.

  7. Osikani

    He may have used the minimum risk amount required, but a drawdown of -71% is almost certainly a clue that he was using very risky methods, and got lucky to recover.

  8. Marcelo

    Hi guys, my name is Marcelo and I made part of the competition as FX_35, I got 8th position at the end of the competition with a peak DD at 29% and real DD at 9%. If I had left my positions opened through the last week of the competition, I’d probably have reached 100 to 110% profit, but I closed my positions and took some time off, I was quite happy with my results after all.

    I didn’t know who was the 1st place until I came up with this website. I was not seeking for the first positions, but I don’t agree with the terms and conditions when it comes to award the winners, I wouldn’t lend my money (as a broker) to someone who risked over 70% of his capital just to win the competition, I had the best DD period among the top 10 performances, now as I really enjoyed trading with Axi Trader, I’ll keep trading my own money with them combined with other 3 brokers that I trade with.

    Forex is not a competition, is a pathway for success, it can be a long one and the road is not a straight line, but once you’re cautious and trade following one or to strategies, the results will come and you’re chances of being profitable are greatly increased.


    yes i’m a vip member of him I never received any accurate signal from him I can’t belive this. This is definitely B to B
    thing Nail every time recommending his trading plat form “Axitrader”

  10. Bobby

    Marketing Forex is and always will be a cutthroat business, companies will do just about anything to generate sales. The services that Nial Fuller offers are genuine, the courses that are offered through his website are geared towards educating working individuals who do not have time to scalp or day trade. One thing that I will say about Nial Fuller ‘s course is only a one time fee and he is not trying to sell people hopes and dreams of becoming multimillionaires.

    As for myself and my partners we offer signals and managed accounts we offer to strategies which are low-frequency high probability scalping with manually trailed stops as well as position trading. We believe it is very difficult to educate and train individuals who do not have the time to scalp or day trade, most individuals do not understand the difficulty in changing their psychology and thought process about risking their capital.

    Our website removed
    The comment section is not for advertising signals and managed accounts with unregulated brokers

  11. Tradarr

    I think you guys are being grossly unfair.

    For starters your speculating if Nial is a good trader or not without adding any substantial evidence. Nial isn’t egotistical, in fact to be that way is a serious disadvantage in the trading game, it doesn’t surprise me he doesn’t make his returns known. Making comment that his performance is non transparent because he’s got something to hide is just blantant speculation. A lot of traders like to keep their performance to themselves because after all it is their private business.

    As for the trading competition and the return/drawdown etc, like he already stated, he went outside of his usual risk management parameters …

    “Being a competition, I knew I would need to take some risks and I tweaked my money management plan accordingly. Whenever possible, I aggressively pyramided into winning positions during trending moves, effectively snowballing the trade’s initial position size into a larger position size which substantially increased the risk reward ratio on each trade.”

    Its a competition, of cause you need to be more aggressive than normal because thats what most of the players would be doing. No chance of winning otherwise. Anyone making comment that his drawdown is irresponsible and shouldn’t be teaching trading tells me they haven’t perspective between trading for a living and competitions, because they aren’t experienced traders.

    Always the case though, when someone does well, along come the haters, which is usually because of jealousy. The only way to walk with success is working at it, not throwing around baseless accusations on the internet.

    … and no I’m not Nial or associated with Axitrader.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      This is not a baseless accusation but a fact: no evidence exists that Nial is a successful trader, in fact there’s no evidence he even trades. He can’t market himself as a ‘professional trader’ and ‘trading authority’ and not expect people to ask him to substantiate his claims. He might fool many people with a flashy website stuffed with content to trick Google and with marketing gimmicks such as the AxiTrader contest, but we’re not all born yesterday.

      1. Tradarr

        “This is not a baseless accusation but a fact: no evidence exists that Nial is a successful trader, in fact there’s no evidence he even trades.”

        Granted, there is no evidence he is a long term successful trader, nor is there evidence he is not, either. So why are people making comment he’s full of it without evidence? Making comment without backing it up is purely baseless accusations.

        However he did win the competition, so he at least must trade some. Or is this going to really descend into conspiracy theory territory with people making comment it really wasn’t him trading.

        One thing that doesn’t make sense, if he’s such a fraud, relative to what other traders charge, usually for much less content, why charge so little for his course.

        What I’m basically saying is, in regards to his trading, he’s being defamed without evidence!

        1. JLTrader Post author

          The onus is on him, who makes all the claims, to back them up. The fact that he doesn’t, although it would only help his business to do so, proves he’s full of BS. What more proof do you want ? You don’t actually expect him to admit it, do you ? :))

          As to the scam – you can scam many naive people out of little money or a few out of a lot of money (for which you need more logistical support – think those weekend seminars at a few thousands $$ a piece – poster boy being Greg Secker)

          As to the contest – it’s all about luck, not skill – some years back XTB used to organize similar contests (heavily advertised, even on TV) in Romania, the top prize being a Porsche automobile. I remember the winner of the first contest was a guy who had only found out about Forex a few months before :)))

  12. Tradarr

    “Now, I see two possible explanations for his winning the competition:”

    There is another possible explanation you missed out …

    3. He’s truly a professional price action trader that is consistently profitable and with a little luck he got such spectacular returns in the competition because it was simply a great trading window that complimented his method.

    In other words, be fair!

  13. Christopher

    Hello Tradarr

    Firstly, changing your risk management to suit a competition just proves that someone is a novice, not someone who runs a successful trading business. Hedge funds are in constant competition with each other for investors and yet you don’t see them shooting from the hip in order to generate more leads.

    And the whole ‘ don’t show your track record for privacy thing’ is just a weak excuse. Once again, you don’t see professional hedge funds saying, give us your money but we won’t show you our performance.

    And on a final note, the famous larry Williams won the world trading championship back in the 80s with more than a 10000% return. The next 2 years he lost more than 1 billion of a 2 billion fund that he was in charge of.

    Bottom line if Nial wants people to exchange there hard earned cash for his training them a bit of proof before purchase is more than reasonable. How is it unfair to ask someone to show some proof of what they are claiming to be true? Would you buy a car before driving it or would you simply just trust the person when he says it’s perfect and runs really well, there’s no problems with it? No, you take it for a test drive to get your own proof…

    Ok, I’m carrying on now but you get the point

  14. Tradarr

    “The onus is on him, who makes all the claims, to back them up. The fact that he doesn’t, although it would only help his business to do so, proves he’s full of BS”

    No, it doesn’t prove anything, again pure speculation and assumption!

    He teaches price action, which is highly discretional. Its not a mechanical system or a buy/sell recommendation business he’s selling. Returns would vary greatly between traders so his return is irrelevant. Price action works, no doubt about that. What he teaches isn’t complex or new, its actually very simple. His teachings are classic price action setups and patterns. So for you to say he’s a fraud is you basically stating price action actually doesn’t work. Also, for arguments sake, lets say if he makes an average return of say 400%, it could be argued that is misleading because he’s a professional trader and it wouldn’t be fair to be selling a product to an amateur with 400% in lights.

    There are plenty of people teaching this stuff. Nial’s edge is the easy and logical format the technical side is delivered in. He’s also very smart in getting people to understand the psychology that separates losers from winners. Relatively speaking he’s also very cheap and it doesn’t make sense to me that he keeps the price low to scam a lot of people, as opposed to scamming a few for much more when you take into account of his reputation and popularity. This business also attracts plenty of people willing to spend big on learning, I very much doubt he would see much difference of the number of people on his books if the price was in fact $600 as opposed to $300.

    “As to the contest – it’s all about luck, not skill”

    Again pure assumption and speculation. Do you know what positions he took and why? No! So why are you making a blatant statement it was just luck? You don’t know the technical facts. And making an example from a trader winning a competition in the past because of pure luck as proof is just simply illogical.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      ”So for you to say he’s a fraud is you basically stating price action actually doesn’t work.” Are you for real ?? I’m saying he’s a fraud because he makes unsubstantiated claims to attract gullible people – if a guy pretends he’s a doctor, and I check the medical register and his name isn’t there, calling him a fraud doesn’t mean I call medical science a fraud.

      Actually he’s very expensive – not the $300 per se, but the fact that he leads people astray – in a regulated field he would’ve been struck off for dishonesty and false claims.

      I’m sorry if you can’t grasp the simple fact that in a contest where to win you have to score the highest percentage, luck plays the major role. A monkey can press buy/sell risking 50-70% of the account and get lucky a few times in a row.

      1. Tradarr

        So in your eyes he’s a fraud because he hasn’t substantiated he’s a professional trader?

        So by default, taking into your account that there are so many traders out there teaching this stuff who haven’t proved they are professional, they are all frauds, going by your standard? Give me a break!

        I took his course years ago, I was in the first 100. I know price action and I can tell you he knows his stuff. It’s his content that substantiates he’s genuine. Nothing complex about price action, if its viewed and played void of emotion.

        I walked away from swing trading and into day trading because it suited my personality more and its a much higher return. Although its much tougher game and certainly not for most people.

        Mate, its obvious that its in fact yourself that is making unsubstantiated claims. Through talking with Nial over the phone and through emails I can tell you he’s a good guy and there is plenty who agree with me. There is also plenty stating they make money trading price action they learnt from him.

        Its obvious you haven’t read his manuals. I think your one of those people who write this stuff for the simple reason of being mean.

    2. Tradarr

      “I’m sorry if you can’t grasp the simple fact that in a contest where to win you have to score the highest percentage, luck plays the major role”

      I didn’t say luck doesn’t or didn’t play a major role with Nial winning the competition. I’m stating you haven’t the details of his trading in the comp, so you can’t state unequivocally that it was only luck. Again, you have zero basis to make comment skill played no part in it.

      Its pure assumption and speculation on your behalf, because you haven’t the trade details and the commentary around them. Your making a meal out of no ingredients!

    3. Tradarr

      JLTrader do you understand price action and have you read his manuals?

  15. Tradarr

    “Firstly, changing your risk management to suit a competition just proves that someone is a novice”

    Don’t agree Christopher. Its a competition, its only logical you would trade outside of your normal bounds because most others would. Its a 3 month competition trading with $5000, big deal if your pushing your risk management rules, certainly doesn’t necessarily mean you trade that way normally.

    “Hedge funds are in constant competition with each other for investors and yet you don’t see them shooting from the hip in order to generate more leads.”

    Very confusing why you would compare the way hedge funds trade to a 3 month trading completion using $5000. Firstly Nial isn’t selling a fund. Secondly hedge fund managers wouldn’t shoot from the hip no more than a professional home trader would in normal circumstances because both understand in the long run thats what would ruin you. Again its a 3 month trading competition using $5000.

    “Once again, you don’t see professional hedge funds saying, give us your money but we won’t show you our performance.”

    Again he’s not running a fund, so again its very confusing why your using hedge funds as an example. He’s teaching price action. Its only logical that you would want to know the historical return of a product your putting your money into, so of course hedge funds disclose that. Nial isn’t trading anyones money, he’s teaching price action and it depends on the person if they make money and how much.

    “Would you buy a car before driving it or would you simply just trust the person when he says it’s perfect and runs really well, there’s no problems with it? No, you take it for a test drive to get your own proof”

    Well you can take it for a test drive. He offers a free starter course and free emailed trade setups for life.

    1. Christopher


      I was making the comparison between Nial and hedge funds because hedge funds are professionals and Nial states he is a professional yet he doesn’t provide the public information that other professionals in the industry do…

      I don’t think anyone here is saying price action doesn’t work. I use price action myself. In fact I trade all the candlestick patterns Nial teaches, plus other, although a lot differently from the way Nial uses them. So therefore, would it be fair for me to start teaching people how to trade candlesticks for $300 without proving that my methodology on candlesticks actually yields a return when used with proper risk management etc etc? Or should people just take my word for it? This is my concern with Nial. The simple solution is for him to provide a verified track record, its not hard is it?

      And by the way, Tradarr, are you sure you’re not really Nial Fuller????

      1. Tradarr

        Christopher I’m sorry but comparing hedge fund trading strategies with trading strategies of a $5000 trading competition makes absolute no sense to me, and it never will because it is in fact non sensicle.

        “And by the way, Tradarr, are you sure you’re not really Nial Fuller????”

        No I’m not, I do however live in Australia, Perth specifically. He lives in Queensland. You either have to take my word for that or don’t, I can’t prove otherwise. Our writing styles evidently are however completely different though.

  16. Igor

    When you seek medical advice or treatment do u go to a registered professional or to the guy with the flashiest website whose claim to fame is that he treated successfuly his business partner ? lol

    1. Tradarr

      Flashiest website Igor, loveee the flash websites!

      And obviously you got your sense of humour from your parents, taking into account what they named you 🙂

        1. Tradarr

          Christopher don’t get me wrong, I can see the point you and others are making. It is a reasonable request, I get that.

          But the point I’m making is, just because he doesn’t disclose his historical returns, doesn’t mean he’s a fraud as people are stating here.

          Myself personally, if I was teaching trading, I wouldn’t do it either. Apart from being private, its got an horrible egotistical attachment to it, and thats exactly the demon that kills the majority of people heading into the trading arena. If the content is sound and the student is committed, the results from that will speak volumes.

          1. Igor


            Picking on my name is a cheap shot and only shows you are losing the argument. You affirm that showing historical returns has egotistical attachment to it. lol What do you call then the following: entering a BS contest organized by your business partner without telling anyone, waiting to make sure you win it and then announcing to the world what master trader you are.

          2. Tradarr

            “Picking on my name is a cheap shot and only shows you are losing the argument”

            Igor (cracked up when I just wrote that), it never got to that combative stage because I never took your post seriously. Need to write with substance mate!

            Jesus I hate to know what your middle name is 🙂

  17. Earl

    Lol I don’t remember requesting for my lecturers’ or teachers’ high school or college results before I attended their classes.
    If they seemed to make sense, I stayed for lectures and paid attention and if they didn’t, I wrote raps in my books 🙂

    All that should concern you is the knowledge he relays…. If its inaccurate and unprofitable, then feel free to call him out… If its not… Chill Holmes!!

    On the other hand…. You know the guys that would demand to see my teachers credentials (before employment)? …. The School authority, the big guys ….

    In like manner, if a mogul or major investor were to consider employing Fuller to handle their funds ( not a measly $300, probably a million USD), of course they would have the right to request that he declared proof of his profitability and Fuller would most definitely be obliged to reveal everything…

    So, guys… Take it easy… I have read most of his free stuff and they actually make a lot of sense..not just the generic price action stuff, but the examples, illustrations, analogies, etc.

    Give credit when due pana…

    Btw, JL…. Read through a couple of your stuff and it seems like this blog was created mainly to discredit 98% of the forex world…. So many negative things to say about people and what not…

    We wanna see the good too pana … If you just keep showing us the bad, that’s all we’ll keep seeing.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Hey man, if you compare a teacher who had to attend a college and pass some exams before getting that credential with Fuller…

      It’s a bit like buying a course or hiring a fat guy as a personal trainer just because he calls himself fitness authority. Even if he has some good advice, ie eat less, move more, he’s still fraudulent.

      Re discrediting…being an unregulated field, trading education is rife with fraud…so it’s up to guys like me or to raise awareness.

  18. jim

    Nial Fuller was shown to be an internet marketer way back in 2011, read what a buyer of his course Ryan Raymond, had to say:
    Last year Emmett Moore from pretty much came to the same conclusion: plenty evidence of a professional marketer and web spammer, NO evidence of a trader:

    But hey, he won the Axitrader competition so I guess all the above don’t matter. Hurry and catch the >>>May Special: Get 40% Off Life-Time Access – Ends May 31st<<< hahahaha

    1. Tradarr

      Jim you have debunked yourself!!! On the link there is plenty of support and positive reviews for Nial.

      Also Nial actually waved in and this is his statement …

      “Ryan Raymond, I can’t find your name in our customer database. Please tell me your username and show a receipt of purchase showing your name? And can you please tell me your forum username so I can see how many posts you have made in our forum and how many times you have logged in. You seem to know everything about me, about internet marketing and about trading. So how about you prove your credentials in all of this. Please provide this real evidence as I requested above,that you are qualified to have made a ‘fair assesment’ of my services and that your a real member and have engaged my services at length. I can’t even find one email on my support line form your name “Ryan”. I don’t know who you are.. nothing.”

      If you read Ryan’s reply he didn’t substantiate if he in fact was a member and couldn’t back up his claims that Nial is only a professional marketer.

      1. JLtraderFan

        You’re wrong Tradarr –

        Ryan identifies many of the senior members of the course and gives great insight and detail into the course. He later admitted he used an anonymous name to protect him for obvious backlash.

        I certainly find it interesting that you’re spending a lot of time defending Nial Fuller. Perhaps you are Nial Fuller as you write and talk like him a lot and are going well out of your way to defend someone….someone I’ll remind you that you have offered no proof to support your claims or what he says is true.

        And as a member – there is tons of negative reviews of Nial Fuller as well. How about the fact he only posts on average 1 time per day in his forum (his stats show 1.21 posts per day and considering 1 of those is his market commentary, it means he’s almost never responding to members)

        Or how about the false marketing he does since he doesnt offer the ‘trade signals’, yet has promotions about them on his website, newsletter and fb ads?

        And what he does provide arent trade signals there mate – they are just plain vanilla ideas such as ‘ the market could go down from here’. Never an actual trade signal or idea with actionable items.

        Nial did have a ‘trade idea’ feature attached to his commentary abt a year ago or more with clear conditions for entry trigger, limit and stop loss levels

        How bad did it do? He lost 70-80% of his trades and they never achieved more than a 1:1 or 1:2 risk on reward. All over a period of about six weeks.

        After mounting criticism, the trade ideas simply vanished with no reporting on their performance.

        That is Nial Fuller and how bad he trades.

        ANd if you like i am happy there mate to provide you evidence I am a member.

        1. JLTrader Post author

          I like the nickname you chose :))
          Indeed on FB Nial advertises trading signals

        2. Tradarr

          JLTrader the bottom line is you have zero proof he isn’t a professional trader, or is a trader that doesn’t make money over the long term. Your simply assuming and speculating.

          Yes there are disgruntled members! Goes without saying that it doesn’t matter what product or service is sold on the planet, there will always be unhappy consumers. Taking into regard what Nial is selling its not surprising there are complaining members, for a number of reasons very few people transition into long term profitable forex traders, mostly because they don’t put the work in or can’t get their emotions out of the way. People aren’t always sincere and honest with themselves, especially when they are frustrated so don’t take responsibility and lash out.

          The bottom line is, judge him on his content. Anyone who understands price action and the mindset it takes to be successful in the trading game, will understand Nial is selling a quality learning package.

          As for the marketing accusations, because I have little experience in that area I can’t comment to much other than to say since it clearly would have technical complexities and business people’s activities around that stuff maybe, could be taken out of context. Also at the end of the day he is also running a business, and business’s are very good at using tactics to generate customers, its all around us and we are all subjected to it everyday. Lastly on that matter, if he is manipulating the system to generate internet traffic and customers etc, how is this proof he doesn’t know how to trade? His marketing practices are seperate and irrelevant to the integrity, or lack of integrity in your eyes of his educational course.

          In regards to false advertising in respect to his Trading Signals, I agree it could be termed better taking into regard they are not really signals per se, but more highlighting areas of support/resistance areas and trends. Is this an intentional tact to grab market attention? I don’t know. Its not really a big deal anyway taking into account its free, and it is high quality commentary.

          You have been at this guy for some time. Then he wins a $1mil trading float in an international trading competition. You’ve written an article with accusations that has no evidential basis. Its obvious to me that going by your trading performance your nose has been put out of joint. Your basically professionally trolling.

          “I certainly find it interesting that you’re spending a lot of time defending Nial Fuller. Perhaps you are Nial Fuller as you write and talk like him a lot and are going well out of your way to defend someone”

          Firstly thanks for the comparison, Nial is a very smart man. No I’m not him, I’m the sort of person that can’t stand unjust behaviour from others, maybe bit of a curse. I also very much doubt he would post anonymously, pretending not to be him, since I’ve got to know his character over the years. Since you own the website I’m sure you can see where I’m generally posting from(Perth) and a little searching will tell you he lives in Queensland.

          1. Rafal

            Nial does not provide accurate signals so it is impossible to really verify his trading. Giving general trading ideas leaves plenty of room for curve fitting after the fact. Very smart. It creates illusion that his method is profitable. Also trading daily charts with only couple of trades a months gives quite high probability of being profitable just by pure chance. Very smart again. This is how Nial’s students “made it”. How to explain that most of his students will lose? Psychology of course! Unfortunately psychology is a red herring used by trading charlatans . You can’t beat random market with any kind of psychology. I have created software to test a lot of price action ideas (thousands of trades over 10 years) and I was shocked to see how random results are. This completely changed what was thinking about possibilities in using chart-only trading methods. And now I really understand why trading “teachers” never provide verified track record of their own trading.

  19. JLtraderFan

    Good on you mate for the good site and why i chose your name

    As to the Nial Fuller False Advertising of A Signal Service,. your ad says it all.

    Even people in the course are starting to call BS and call it flase advertising.

    here is the ‘coach’ of the LTTTM forum respnding direclty in the commentary to all the negative feedback pertaining to the ‘daily signals’ not being in the market commentary


    LTTTM Assistant Trading Coach (LATC) – 05-19-2016 03:30 PM
    Report Comment | Reply Reply
    Hey guys,

    I just read almost all your comments, and whilst I can understand the negative comments, I have to say that I really don’t agree.

    First off, Nial does not advertise this as a “signal service”…………


    Yet your post of his ad proves otherwise

    Nial Fuller uses the ‘daily signals’ to sucker in those who want signals and not to learn how to trade.

    then they get there, find out there are none, then complain like in the post and need the coach to come out explaining (but don’t expect nial to respond to this as he hasn’t even responded to this thread or series of negative comments inside his own course).

    Anyone with a brain in the course figures this out that Nial Fuller is a marketer who couldnt give a shit about his students as evidenced by the fact he rarely ever posts in his own forum.

    And to date, not a single member has been able to demonstrate they make any money with a real live trading account

    When asked about this, all of a sudden the LTTTM Coach and team + slobbering fans all get super defensive about it posting fire and brimstone

    Yet in spite of that, nobody can point to one person out of the fifteen thousand members being profitable which is a horrible sign of how bad these strategies are, and how poor nial fuller is as a mentor

    Just the opinion of a member

  20. Tradarr

    Ok my mistake, JLTrader and JLTraderFan aren’t the same person. Or are they? Anyway both making the same baseless accusations!

    1. JLtraderFan

      Pretty weak response Tradarr and not much original there matey. But let me help you out lad to set your mind at ease.

      JLTrader is Vlad and will readily admit he has not taken, nor will he ever spend a single quid on Nial Fuller’s worthless course. I think you would be happy making that wager if you knew vlad well.

      On the other foot, I have provided clear evidence I am a member and htus a completely different person.

      Now as to your ‘baseless accusations’ – I mate have provided proof I am a member and shared intimate info no non-member would possess. They are all facts and I wud be happy to present more info of the same ilk

      You however have provided none to the contrary.

      But speaking of all things baseless., you have provided absolutely ZERO PROOF what you say about Nial Fuller is real.

      And on the tilly about people not being honest with themselves, you (ergo Nial Fuller….or his pet representative), its pretty dishonest to say you provide ‘daily trade signals’ when you dont.

      Its pretty dishonest to say you’re a professional trader when other than a few weeks in a contest, you have provided ZERO PROOF you can trade sustainable over time.

      Its pretty dishonest to call yourself an ‘active trader’ managing your own portfolio when you mention in your own interview on your website you only trade three to six times per month on balance. That is not an active trader, but saying you are an active trader sure impresses those sucker newbies.

      Now one little irony you haven’t figured out or nobody has mentioned yet, which is;

      WHY is Nial Fuller so glad to promote his trading performance in the axitrader contest

      yet so utterly resistant and unwilling to provide any proof of his long term trading success over time?

      wouldnt the latter be way more powerful than the former if it was so readily available?

      he trades via MT4 and axitrader, so in ten minutes he could link up his acct to my fx book and demonstrate a far greater proof of his trading parlance and expertise.

      surely this contest win has brought him a ton of business, so why not do it for his trading over the years?

      he can hide his financial info easily, including all his trades so nobody can see what he traded and how much. so no obstacles there.

      ever thought about that? doesnt make much sense now does it mate?

      perhaps now you are seeing why it makes no sense he says his trading results are private, yet he’s totally willing to post and boast about his trading performance in a contest.

      The contradiction seems to have escaped you (and/or nial fuller completely).

      Now as to why not one of Nial Fuller’s students makes money, it is quite easy to blame the students for their failures but not take responsibility as a mentor. Mentoring fifteen thousand plus people and not producing one profitable student? that mate seems like a pretty piss poor track record as a mentor now issnt it mate?

      As to the ‘quality learning package’ you kindly endorse for yourself, from what i have read in public forums, you have copied your material off some bloke and renamed it to make it sound spiffy and new.

      Now as to your / Nial Fuller’s manipulative marketing tactics – a person who manipulates the system is dishonest at best, manipulative by default, and shows a serious lack of integrity. The fact this misses your dome is a alittle left in my opinion

      ‘Daily signals’ sound way more attractive than ‘highlighting areas of support and resistance and trends’ now dont they mate?

      Interesting how you claim nial is a smart man when anyone with a reasonable noggin between their ears easily sees otherwise.

      But let me illuminate you on his character as he was busted many a years back impersonating / using fake names to promote his course on a site called informd trades (wayback machine will provide the evidence) as he used a name like ‘Mohamed from UAE’

      what is interesting is the owner of the site noticed something really odd about ‘Mohamed from UAE’ which was that all the IP addresses of the supposedly different people (including Mohamed), all of them promoting Nial’s course were all the SAME IP ADDRESS!

      ANd whattayaknow mate? they were ALL IN AUSTRALIA – QUEENSLAND where Nial lived. yet the names and people’s stated locations were otherwise

      It now seems evident you know less about Nial Fuller’s manipulative character than you purvey.

      1. Tradarr

        Well someone is a little upset!

        Ok let me explain it to you in very simple terms so you can grasp it. Your an amateur! I know this because any competent swing trader knows you can go through periods of draw downs, a 6 week window isn’t necessarily a true indication of how good or bad someone is over a much longer period. Secondly if you structure your risk management smart enough you wouldn’t be in every opportunity that comes along to protect yourself from being seriously hurt in a period of draw down. Your making comment that winning the trading competition doesn’t prove anything because of the short time span it was in, yet your making judgement over 6 weeks. Can’t eat you cakes as well mate!

        “Its pretty dishonest to say you’re a professional trader when other than a few weeks in a contest, you have provided ZERO PROOF you can trade sustainable over time.”

        12 weeks in fact! Hardly a few, however agree still not enough time to prove your a successful long term trader.

        “Its pretty dishonest to call yourself an ‘active trader’ managing your own portfolio when you mention in your own interview on your website you only trade three to six times per month on balance. That is not an active trader, but saying you are an active trader sure impresses those sucker newbies.”

        Swing trading on the 4hr charts averaging a trade a week is active trading. He’s not a day trader, he’s a swing trader.

        “Now one little irony you haven’t figured out or nobody has mentioned yet, which is; WHY is Nial Fuller so glad to promote his trading performance in the axitrader contest yet so utterly resistant and unwilling to provide any proof of his long term trading success over time?”

        Thats your interpretation of it!

        “Now as to why not one of Nial Fuller’s students makes money, it is quite easy to blame the students for their failures but not take responsibility as a mentor.”

        Reviews and testimonials state otherwise!

        As for hiding behind other names in forums, I can’t comment on that because I really do not know. All I can say is from my experience, in my opinion he is a very decent guy.

        We can banter on all day about dodgy marketing practises, hiding in forums etc. But as stated plenty of times his price action educational package is sound. Anyone who understands price action would and do agree with that. Everything else is irrelevant.

        1. JLtraderFan

          A little left mate how you imply I’m upset. This is strange as you are now hurling words by calling me an ‘amateur’. You know virtually nothing bout me mate so i am curious where you could make such a qualification.

          Yet you talked about baseless accusations, but here you have virtually no knowledge or base behind this statement.

          Perhaps that contradiction is lost on you mate.

          But if the six weeks of tradnig competition is acceptable to base a judgment on Nial Fuller’s trading, then the same six week period he blew things up and Nial lost 70-80% of his trades must also be acceptable.

          So if both are true, then what mate?

          As to the twelve vs six weeks, you need ot check the link from fxblue (
          the first trade nial takes is top end of feb and the last one first week in april
          by my calculations lad, that is six weeks of trading – not twelve

          Now telling me ‘that’s your interpretation of it’ is a self-evident and thus obvious statement. this isnt a response (at least with no beef on it)

          But the fact you cannot answer it with any good response just confirms the question is quite puzzling, which is’..

          “WHY is Nial Fuller so glad to promote his trading performance in the axitrader contest yet so utterly resistant and unwilling to provide any proof of his long term trading success over time?”

          As to the reviews and testimonials proving otherwise, well Nial has been known to forge and fake testimonials and favoring words to promote his course using fake accounts

          Him being busted for using the ‘Mohamed at UAE’ fake name name while having an IP address in Australia QUeensland where he resides proves he’s willing to kick morals, integrity or ethics to the curb simply to promote his course and sucker unsuspecting newbies in.

          Which is interesting because you end your reply by putting his very few positives on a pedastal as some proof (which is not proof at all).

          Yet you marginalize Nial Fuller’s manipulative and dodgy marketing practices, his complete contradiction about hiding behind the shadow of privacy for not releasing his long term performance, yet are more than happy to boast about six weeks of trading.

          How convenient!

          Seems a little left there mate to elevate one so high and marginalize the other side.

          1. Tradarr

            “You know virtually nothing bout me mate so i am curious where you could make such a qualification”

            Your words and conduct tell me more than enough I need to know.

            “As to the twelve vs six weeks, you need ot check the link from fable”

            This is a good example, thats representative of your lack of knowledge of the game. Its a 12 week window of opportunity to find trades. Professional swing traders have predefined methods and parameters, when a trade comes along that satisfies that criteria, or framework, they open the position. What’s relevant is the duration to scan the market and the patience and discipline to wait for the right trades to come along, not the fact he didn’t trade from the first day or week. Taking into account it took so long for Nial to start trading tells me he has the level of patience and discipline to be successful, which is paramount in this game. Over trading kills you, the less is more mindset is the exact obstacle that students find hard to grasp, because in the western society we are indoctrinated to believe otherwise. Also in regards to his trading opportunities in the 6 week signals window, on his site, it needs to be acknowledged those signal were collectively unstructured.

            “WHY is Nial Fuller so glad to promote his trading performance in the axitrader contest yet so utterly resistant and unwilling to provide any proof of his long term trading success over time?”

            Taking into account he’s a businessman its only natural you’ll advertise that and is something to be happy and proud of. Its also put the knockers like yourself back in their place, which I no doubt to a degree is what went through his mind. Him not disclosing his long term trading performance as an indication he is hiding something is your interpretation of it. There could be a number of reasons for it, both personally and professionally.

            “As to the reviews and testimonials proving otherwise, well Nial has been known to forge and fake testimonials and favoring words to promote his course using fake accounts”

            Prove it!

            “Which is interesting because you end your reply by putting his very few positives on a pedastal as some proof (which is not proof at all).”

            Most of his content is classic price action setups. Anyone who understands price action would agree, obviously your not savvy in price action. As for my remarks about him personally, I did say “in my opinion” from my experience with dealing and talking with him, I found him very decent. Its more of a remark and not a statement.

  21. Marc oliver

    Hi all.

    I took Nials course a about years ago when I was just starting to trade. At the time I thought it was great. A very professional website and the way he taught his content was clear and easy to understand. Fast forward a few years and it would definitely surprise me to hear if Nial was actually making any money from his trading. I don’t use his style of price action trading anymore. I saw the light and have never looked back. At the end of the day the banks are just waiting for retail traders to buy or sell at areas of support and resistance with a pinbar,engulfing bar,inside bar or ‘fakey’. This is not how a professional trader trades. You need to follow where the banks go people. As for that competition. What a load of rubbish. Not hard to win, especially if there were only 300 people in it. As for is connection with axi it also leaves me very suspicious. It was mentioned somewhere that of course he would mention his results of this competition on his website as he is a business man and would be good for his business. I couldn’t agree more. But if he had a verified track record of his trading I am sure this would help with his ‘business’ 1000 times over.

    Happy trading

  22. Haroun

    I’m also a student of Nial’s, its a course that I decided to buy and choose him as a mentor. All I can say at present is that I’m enjoying learning from his style.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Yes, he makes many valid points, but he’s not in a position to make them – it’s like watching a corrupt politician from party A having a go at another equally corrupt politician from party B.

    2. MrBurger

      Well well, Chris Capre is complaining that AxiTrader funded Nial with a $1 million account despite terrible performance. Has he forgotten that a few months ago he was boasting that one of his students got funded by AxiTrader ? comment by Christopher
      When it suits his marketing, Axiselect has good judgement for funding traders but when they fund his competitor, suddenly they are bad….

    3. Caroline

      I asked for Nial to put his trades up on his website. The post is still there, in general forum, but Nial deleted all of the other posts that followed mine and also severely edited my post. I saw the trades, and alarm bells rang …… very loudly. As a student of his, I just could not understand why some of his trades did not have stop losses, why others had a risk much greater than any reward, and worse still, he claimed in his own marketing material that he only made a ‘handful of trades’ and I counted 52. Obviously my count was wrong, or the last page was deleted as there are now just over 30. The links are still on Nial’s website for the world to see (if they wanted to). But he isn’t doing what he teaches. I don’t look at his website much now. And I am relearning how to trade, because the way he taught helped me to MISS trades! Integrity………NIL points. Pants on fire……10 points.

      1. Caroline

        Correction to the above: there were 51 closed trades…the number is still on there

  23. Rafal

    There is a third option: Nial Fuller was trading several accounts simultaneously with various risky strategies (that is why he was hidden under nickname(s) ). Of course total result in terms of profit would be negative but for him marketing value is worth much more than money lost in that competition.

  24. FX-CHAMP

    It’s been 6 months since Nial won the $1million funded account from Axi….any update on how he is doing with that money?

    1. Caroline

      He placed 5 x $10000 bets on Trump winning the election. It’s on his website somewhere and he also sent roundrobin emails to his students.

  25. TJ

    Not to say that Nial is or not a fraud, but not making available his track record will make think too many people that he IS even if he’s NOT. IF he IS than, why NOT. I do not have any proof that’s a fraud, but like many comments here, I agree that if you want to sell something why not proving that you are what you say. But again, it’s all about naivety of people who join the club!

    By the way, is there really anyone that sell trading courses on the web are prone to do it? If you have the answer I’m willing to give it a try. 🙂

    Thank you JLtrader to make these comments available to the community!

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