So You Want To Become a Hedge-fund Manager

By | June 26, 2016

This post goes out to all serious independent traders out there who wish to take their trading to the next level without having to change city or country. Traders who read countless times books like Market Wizards or Trend Following and want to some day be just like ‘one of those guys’. Traders who look for offshore brokers that still allow unregulated individuals to open MAM or PAMM accounts or frantically google variations of ‘get funded trading’ only to be swamped by more or less fraudulent offers.

If what I said above resonates with you then I urge you to take a look at Darwinex. It offers the exact legal and logistical infrastructure you’ve been looking for. And the best thing is that it doesn’t cost you anything (money or hassle) to list a DARWIN (Dynamic Asset and Risk Weighted Investment). This product can be considered, for all intents and purposes, to be a real hedge-fund. You thus become the trader/manager of your own hedge-fund, with Darwinex acting as a risk-manager and client-facing interface.

Here is why I’m beating the drum to spread the word about Darwinex: I believe this new asset class has huge potential both for serious traders and investors. In order for it to work, first thing that has to happen is for the undiscovered trading talent to not only hear in passing about Darwinex, but take the time to realize for themselves what great opportunity this is. Some might think at this point, why would I, as a trader,  invite competition. That’s not the way I look at it: I want the entire class to have as many serious traders as possible and to perform well because this would lead to an influx of new investments and better recognition overall for DARWINs. As things currently stand, even some of the traders with good performance so far that have received allocations via DarwinIA haven’t really grasped the concept of Darwinex. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be advertising signals or managed accounts – which is like driving a Porsche but inviting people for a ride in a 20 years old, beaten up Ford. :)

For potential investors reading this, there are at least two big advantages of Darwinex you should keep in mind:

  • one stop shop to a myriad of trading strategies
  • low, performance-based only fee – you’re not paying a management fee for someone else to get rich irrespective of the fact that s/he makes you money or not

I’ll end this piece with the words of Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) to Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) from the movie Wall Street: “This is your wake up call, pal… Go to work.” :)

19 thoughts on “So You Want To Become a Hedge-fund Manager


    The only problem i find with darwinex is that i can’t trade futures…

    1. JLTrader Post author

      They’ll be added to the offer, but I’m not sure of the exact timetable – better check that one with support.

  2. TheMachinist

    Hey JLTrader, quite unique proposition that Darwinex presents. I wish good luck to all involved, I’m not there yet,still working on my trading method.

  3. Matt

    Vlad do you really expect amateurs to beat the professionals at their own game? This just sounds ridiculous; why would I invest my money with unknown persons instead of going to people who manage investments for a living?

    1. JLTrader Post author

      No, I don’t expect amateurs to beat professionals – not in trading/investing, not in any other field. What I expect though is for undiscovered professionals, fully motivated and incentivized, to beat some of the existing professionals who are either blasé or with interests not fully aligned with those of their investors.

      I’m not suggesting you to invest with unknown persons – thoroughly analyze a DARWIN before buying it – and if you don’t know who is behind it, then don’t buy it. In such a case you could write support and let them know.

      People who manage investments for a living come in all shapes and forms – it isn’t a compact group made out of perfect persons. I for instance couldn’t invest in a mutual fund knowing that the manager has 0 (zero) of his own money in that fund. A guy who could talk nonsense all day on TV without being affected that his fund is down more than -50% (did happen in 2008-2009), knowing that at the end of the month he’ll still receive a fat paycheck via admin fees.
      Also, many of the funds with exposure to FX and commodities run by professionals and targeted to retail clients have much higher costs than DARWINs do, mainly because there are many intermediaries between you the investor and the manager that have to have a nice living too, don’t they? :)

    2. Gary

      Good luck with that! ?? ? ?

      I’d rather search for & invest with some ?diamonds in the rough. There are many that are shinning quite bright! ?

  4. Fred

    Great business model offered to independent traders; looking forward to reading about success stories in the future – eg some guy in China or Russia managing like £10 millions
    If it takes off, it will also be the death knell of emperor with no clothes type of trading guru. Any thinking student will ask: with the performance you claim you have, you could be making in excess of £100.000 in performance fees at Darwinex with absolutely no extra effort on your part. If you don’t need that money, why charge me a couple hundred for a course or monthly access to a trading room.


      Agree. This type of business can be very important and an end to all the BS gurus and scams out there profiting whith the naive wannabe traders! But imo this kind of people Will allways find a way to rip off and scam their way out whitout problems… Greed is the problem along with lack of supervision.

  5. BD

    Only UK, no options and no futures, 20K maximum limit. Every one of this limitations makes my strategy not applicable. They need to put more work in the product. They charge 20% of the profit – it is lot. I charge flat fee from the clients.

  6. BD

    … and on top of it they want the clients to send their money to them. Will not work for corporate accounts.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      What are you on about? It’s not limited to the UK, 20% performance fee is low compared to 30% or more monthly that’s usual with managed accounts or with the standard 2/20. You can invest any amount you wish, within the scalability limits of each strategy

  7. Fund-manager

    Sorry to rain on your parade Vlad, but if you want to be a hedge-fund manager, then YOU HAVE TO BUILD YOUR OWN HEDGE-FUND. There’s no two ways about it.
    Re Darwinex: it’s a strange animal – a lot of proprietary metrics, dubious dscore – haven’t they heard of Sharpe, Sortino, Calmar ratios? No need to reinvent the wheel. Also, what’s with the 25k upper limit per investor? That couldn’t be farther from what a hedge-fund is. Then there are the big differences between Darwin (cool name btw) and strategy performance – can that risk managing engine really be trusted? Judging by the general aspect of the platform, I kind of doubt it.

  8. Gio

    Just another tiny broker jumping on the social trading bandwagon but giving it a different name. So I look at the platform and if I remove the monopoly money they allocate monthly I doubt it has more than $500k real capital invested across 700 or so traders. For comparison purposes, that’s less than what FX Viper has in his USD denominated account at Think Huge Inv.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Ok, so below are the first 6 of the top 20 with most capital allocated. The currency is USD:
      VFL 502k – ex DarwinIA capital 200k
      FDU 415k – ex DarwinIA capital 65k
      KDU 312k – ex DarwinIA capital 230k
      OPK 273k – ex DarwinIA capital 112k
      NTI 245k – ex DarwinIA capital 55k
      BLI 245k – ex DarwinIA capital 155k
      TOTAL: 817k
      If you add all the rest, it passes $1M mark for sure.

      1. Gio

        My bad, so it’s more than 500k. Still it’s an understatement to call those numbers pathetic. Look at the NTI guy, his history goes back to 2012, all years positive, and he gets 55k? hahaha
        Another thing, those guys who have real capital over 100k like VFL, BLI, OPK have been making all time highs for a while now…will investors stick with them when they hit a drawdown? Doubtful


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