Cautionary Tales About Trading Gurus

By | July 18, 2016

Three things happened over the past few days that reminded me once again how much BS and deceit there is in the trading world. But before I start, I’d like to quickly answer  those who think along the lines of: ‘why do you even care, just mind your own business’. I care because these guys bring the entire profession into disrepute – and since they are either unregulated or fly under the radar, someone has to call them for what they really are.

1. Charlie Burton, who appeared in BBC’s Traders: Millions by the Minute documentary didn’t like the fact that I doubted the emperor has clothes in this article so he left a comment, threatening me with legal action (!!). What’s been Mr. Burton up to since I wrote that in October 2014? Has he provided any verified performance on his website ( – really confidence inspiring name, eh Charlie ?) No, he started another site, which has sleazy salesmanship written all over it.

2. I just became aware that a couple (as in man and wife) of Twitter trading gurus – and hasn’t been heard of for almost a month now. Rumor has it that Sven Henrich aka NorthmanTrader lost some big money for people that trusted him to manage their accounts (apparently in an unregulated manner). The lesson here: just because you’re a prolific tweeter, have many thousands followers and appear via phone on CNBC, it doesn’t mean you’re a good trader or actually trade at all. I really like this quote from the CNBC piece:

While Henrich doesn’t manage any money, his chart work on NorthmanTrader has garnered a significant amount of attention in the online world.

The ‘doesn’t manage any money’ part was surely intended to mean ‘doesn’t manage any other people’s money’. But from a cynical point of view, it can mean ‘doesn’t have a live account’ :) – a distinct possibility since we don’t have proof otherwise.

Update 31/07/2016: Northmantrader has written this article telling his side of the story and answering Twitter critics.

3. Speaking of ‘trading experts’ who are big on social media, I came across the case of Keiko Kawamura, a 27 years old woman who was charged by the SEC in 2014 for an alleged scheme to defraud and for fraudulent misrepresentations and omissions. Below are some fragments selected by me, alternatively you can read the whole proceeding here:

In August 2012, Kawamura started a website where she provided investment advice for a monthly subscription fee until February 2014. Kawamura solicited subscribers through a number of misrepresentations, including falsely claiming that she obtained an annual return in excess of 800% in her personal brokerage account (in fact, she lost all of the money invested in the account), that she had managed millions of dollars, and that she had nearly ten years of experience in the financial industry.
Contrary to Kawamura’s representations to investors that she would invest all of the funds she raised in stocks and options, she misappropriated much of the hedge fund’s money to pay for her living expenses and for luxury vacations to Miami and London. Of the approximately $55,000 Kawamura did invest, she pooled the money in one brokerage account and lost it all in highly risky options trades.
Kawamura posted screenshots of portions of a brokerage account statement on her Twitter account, which many of her investors followed, that suggested that she was obtaining incredible returns in her own brokerage accounts. In fact, the screenshots reflected particular returns on unusually successful trades and/or trading days from her boyfriend’s brokerage account and were not indicative of the performance of the trading in her account.
This part once again underscores why I beat the drum on third party verified performance. Photos and videos not only can be manipulated, but even if they’re not tampered with, they usually show best case scenarios.
Kawamura’s website contained numerous material misrepresentations and omissions that she acknowledges were intended to attract subscribers. Kawamura claimed on the site that she had “been in the Investment banking industry for nearly a decade, specializing in Wealth Management for a major Financial Institution.” At the time she created her website, Kawamura knew this was false. She has never worked in the investment banking industry and has never worked for any financial institutions.
Lesson here: next time a trading guru blocks, ignores or calls you a ‘hater’ for merely questioning his claims, think of Kawamura and how far can BS and fantasy go on social media.

439 thoughts on “Cautionary Tales About Trading Gurus

  1. Dan

    Have you come across Francis Hunt AKA ‘The Market Sniper’ at all? He sells various training materials, as well as access to some sort of exclusive trading club that he runs. His website states that his material isn’t for beginners, and is more aimed at traders with several years of experience. I came across him a while back after watching what I thought was quite a decent, informative interview with him on YouTube. I did a quick search of some of the popular trading forums, and he doesn’t seem to be well known. Seems fairly legit to me, but I’m no expert.

    These are the videos I watched:

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Yes, I’ve stumbled upon that video some time ago, frankly he comes across as a smooth salesman. The problems I see with him: – no evidence he’s trading a live account and no sign of a track-record (according to his LinkedIn profile he’s been running Market Sniper since 2009)
      – these claims on his LinkedIn profile can’t be verified: Also a Trader FX desk Trium Capital Management.
      Primary Fund Manager of the FireBird HVF Fund [up 56% for the year 2015]
      – also the claim: Founded and set up my own Property Investment Company, which ran highly successfully for 4 years, with growing revenues making £5, 8 Million by 2007. can’t be verified:
      I don’t like people who make big claims which can’t be backed up.

      1. John

        After following and testing the recommendations of Francis Hunt, the Hunt Volatility trader, on his Youtube channel for 2 years I have encountered two main problems.

        The first and main problem is that his method isn’t anywhere as effective as he makes out in his sales pitch.
        The VAST MAJORITY of trades that he supposedly takes and recommends fail. The ones that actually deliver are so few and far between that in the end you lose more than you make.

        My take is that he started teaching, because it is easier to find suckers than it is to get profitable trades… And he also seems to enjoy indulging in the guru trip.

        I would be very cautions about handing him any money. At the very least I would insist on viewing the success of his trading account…

        1. Francis

          So points one at a time:

          The Property company I was involved was called Honey Badger Property Investment, and has been dormant for almost a decade, during one of the periods we changed the annual reporting term for tax timing reasons, and so you may need to annualise that year. I have not kept records of this that i can locate:

          Gilberts St Albans the Accountants, here is the Link to the returns where they can be ordered from a website for £2,95 each:

          Knock yourself out buying returns between 2003-6, I suspect you may attain more than one qualifying year for that stated.

          More to come..

        2. Francis

          It seems this blog has no place to host attachments?

          Please provide an email address and I will forward P&L’s as per the day this post was brought to my attention & other items, on the proviso all that provided are uploaded here, without vetting/censorship..

          Thank you.

        3. Serge

          John and JLTrader,

          I have been trading for a couple of years and I can tell you no one will make you money in trading unless you understand the game you play. If you search for people on the internet that will give you the trade idea’s on a silver platter, you are trying to take a shortcut to wealth. It should all be about your development!

          The HVF method is nothing more than a edge in the market that can make you money unless you master it(same as all strategy’s out there). This method is a complete strategy with all the principles that are needed. I agree that someone that’s not skilled in this strategy could lose many times. It’s because filtering the quality setups and only trading those setups is a big part of the game. Not every setup is suppose to be traded, and you would know what to look for if you mastered this methodology.

          I would not say this if I didn’t mean it, and i would not be a member of Francis premium board if I thought he’s just a salesmen that doesn’t know what he is talking about. I have been a member for a couple of years and I’m still learning more on a weekly basis. So I felt the need to set the record straight here and defend someone that has developed his own trading strategy that works very well for us.

      2. Malcolm

        This encompasses JL and John’s comments; in brief, yes the Market Sniper (Francis Hunt) has passionately sold his system but it it more through his passion for trading than him wanting to be a smooth salesman. His trading patterns do fail every now and then but who in this game doesn’t win and lose? His style is not your traditional in-out day trading style but more akin to swing trading. He teaches money management and not blowing up your account unlike some of the other educators out there. It can be unnerving when the trade goes against you but if you have applied the trading pattern rules (HVF) properly, it more often than not works out. If you’re in for a daily cash flow generating trading style, then his system is not for you. Trading across 1 hr, 4hr work but even better are larger time frame patterns and his trades pattern hit target. i would suggest following his work more closely, as I have, in order to have an informed opinion.

      3. Francis

        Hi Gentlemen,

        It is Francis Hunt, The Market Sniper here.

        Firstly let me say I have no issue with potential investors in Trader Based education, sharing whatever they consider to be Intelligence on what’s been offered out in the market place.

        I approve of it.

        I have been a customer of such education myself from ages 22 – mid thirties, having gone to Nison, of candlesticks fame, courses with Larry Williams courses a winner of a world cup trading competitions, Gartley and Jeremy Du Plessis/Updata/David Linton Point & Figure courses many others.

        In short I haven’t skimped on broadening on my own learning, and spent a bundle, and didn’t wish for that investment to be wasted either.

        So I had someone highlight this post, and if the board is pure of intent to sort wheat from the chaff you may value some detail from me, as I appear to have been mentioned.

        Queries raised:

        Person A

        1. Does he trade?
        2. Has been about as long as he states?
        3. Did He ever Trade with Trium Capital?
        4. Was there a FireBird fund?
        5. Did he have a £5Bar Plus revenue Property Company?

        Person B

        1. The method fails all/most the time
        2. I teach else I would starve, my performance sucks
        3. I Think/Aspire to be perceived as a Guru, [Ego tripper]

        Person C.

        Person C who I am aware of, and provides quite a measured and fair response in my view.
        Also, if the person I believe he is, he is known to me and has a decent to better than decent understanding of the methodology.

        I have no level of understanding of Person B’s adequacy in the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Methodology, and he doesn’t state if he made the Investment for the Trading Metamorphosis program at all?

        Person C states.

        1. He Is highly aligned and passionate, as opposed to being a smooth salesperson
        2. If you have applied the trading pattern rules (HVF) properly, it more often than not works out
        3. Not for day Traders, thrashing in and out

        I am satisfied with all 3 of the comments made by person C, and thank him for bringing a sense of accuracy to the posts here, as someone with some known HVF Method experience.

        So I will be referring to the other comments of Persons A/B, by separate comments to this in acknowledgement of mention.

        1. Fazal Nadeem

          As far as i know Francis, he is very good analyst. I never felt that i am been compelled to buy any thing from him. Rather he replied to me on twitter about some thing i asked and he has given his opinion and never asked to join any program.
          First of all always appreciate free knowledge ppl are giving away. Second if you do not agree with the person explain the technical reason which is not working for you and come up with the charts and lot of charts where his strategy is not working. In this way you can have the credibility against the fraudulent person.
          Further more he is showing the evidence by showing the charts. If he is cherry picking, you should come up with the real response and show him that his system does not work. But throwing just allegations and bad comments is not fair. What if you have not learned it properly and applying it wrongly? How many time you have complained him or showed him what you are doing? You have just claims and he is again showing you evidence. If you don’t want to learn don’t miss guide others.

        2. Bernard

          Francis Hunt aka The Market Sniper is THE BEST!!!

          It’s true, there are may snake oil salesmen out there.

          However, there are even more trolls out there.

          I have personally bought many snake oil potions. Eventually, you DO find some good medicine – usually when the patient is ready….

          I think, before you can critique something you must first understand it. You can’t possibly sit on the sidelines and make a judgement call, having followed up on the scant clues left on YouTube or wherever. Inevitably you’ll find the YOU have cocked up – not the system you’re trying to leach off.

          Anyway, I am a student of The Market Sniper and I can wholeheartedly say that the system does work. The concept is simple (that’s what you see on YouTube) and you think you may as well try it out, maybe even put on a few trades. But what you don’t know as an outsider is that there is actually a lot more to it. Then you lose money and call it a fraud while us insiders who follow the system correctly make money. In my view, making money from trading is like any other profession. You have to put in the effort, learn through your mistakes, go through conscious incompetence -> conscious competence -> unconscious competence.

          Plumbing is easy right?.. Well if so, can you please fix my toilet, it doesn’t flush properly (no joke).

          Knowing Francis I can tell you he is the real deal. What you see on YouTube and elsewhere is who he is. There are no sales tricks, scams, etc.

          As for the other trading mentors, Iv’e subscribed to a number of their courses. Some of it worked for me, some less so. After a while you get good at spotting a good potion between all the poison ones. Importantly, you’ve got to ask yourself if you prepared to put in the time and effort required to master that system – PLUS pay the money they are asking for it.

          As for me. I’m getting close but I’m yet to find that magic potion….

        3. Dan


          I foolishly paid Francis for his metamorphosis program. The sales pitch is you will learn a successful strategy (HVF) that will turn you into a successful trader. He offers you the option to follow trades on a copy platform and suggested to me that there was the potential to make back course money while on his course via copy trades and suggestions on his Basecamp site. He’s prices are extremely high and not advertised, this raised the question to me does he adjust his price based on his “student”

          He encouraged me to sign up early to get a discount and added 2 months on his services such as Basecamp and pelican copy trade system.
          Initially he asked for £5000 for the 6 month course. This was extremely expensive so I declined. He then offered a cut down version of the course for £1000. Which I eventually accepted but with concerns. He offered a refund if I was no longer happy with the decision, that’s the only reason I agreed.

          Straight off the bat, I was unhappy with what I saw. I was sent links to Basecamp. There was no structure to this site for a solid education and the learning content was all several years old and buried away in what is essentially a social blog site for all students to speak to each other with minimal input from francis himself. He is basically reselling old content and getting students who have come to learn to talk to each other. Not at all the kind of mentorship I was expecting. Shortly after paying for this course he went on holiday overseas and there was no updates from him.

          With the pelican copy trade systems there were endless technical issues which they kept promising to resolve so I was not able to copy his trades. This was actually a blessing in disguise as I eventually found a page to show performance of all traders in the group. Francis was the worst in terms of PL.
          Not second last not somewhere in the middle, last. Every student in that group had performed better than him. I took a screenshot of this and will try find it and update.

          Within less than a full month and when Francis was back from his holiday I contacted him and asked for a refund. He declined saying it has to be within 14 days of when I first agreed. So whilst he was on holiday was when I should have cancelled. Bear in mind I joined 2 months before the course started so still 1 month before the course I requested a refund and he refused.

          I struggled on with his disorganised basecamp site and gave up on the pelican copy trade system.

          The course weekend arrived and this is really the only time you get education. If you attend in person you get a print out of the course but are not allowed to keep it. So learn on the day and if you forget, tough. If you attend by webinar you don’t get any course material. Remember £5000 he asks for the course.

          The course is OK if you have no technical background education. If you do have training there was very little to gain from this course. He just rebrands know technical points. Support resistance becomes “key level of significance” with emphasis on the round number price points. His famous HVF theory is just his spin on symmetrical triangles rebrands. He actually provides you an image of the original founders theory, picks his favourite of them and that’s it. He then teaches you to scan for a wedge pattern on websites to find HVF opportunities.

          During 1 day of the course he had his screen online and I could see him flirting with an eastern European girl. That’s the level of professionalism.
          I ask for a checklist of what to check for when analysing for an “HVF”. His response was this is not something I have done yet but have been meaning to do. I will task you with it.
          So I ask him for clarity on what to check for and he throws it back to me?
          I asked during the course how to tell if we are looking at an upward HVF or an inverted HVF. His response was “up or down that’s what we all want to know”. Again £1000 to £5000 for this insightful knowledge.

          As for the accuracy of his theory, I only saw 1 trade from him succeed in my several months of following him. Deutche bank. I saw so many go the opposite way. Jpn index, oil, pound, etc…
          You can research these on his youtube channel and cross reference yourself, assuming he doesn’t go delete them.

          With regards to the pound, he called pound strength before Brexit regardless of the vote and we now know this was very much a bear market. “Up or down that’s what we all want to know”. Ironically after a couple students called a second crash “Asian flash crash of GBP” he later went on to say he now sees pound falling even further. Within days, Theresa May made a speech after becoming PM and pound went up and up.

          With courses online at much lowere prices offering in my opinion more education and his lack of interest in fully educating individuals, i feel I was scammed. It is my belief his main income is from these courses not from being a successfull trader. Most of his claims are from years ago, oil, gold etc. His content is from years ago and he tasks students to update it. I would not have felt scammed if he honoured his claim to refund. My guess is he already spent my money on his holiday.

          Avoid him, that’s my advice. More people that have thrown money away at this guy need to speak up too. I have not found any more success since his course, actually I was somewhat profitable before and I started making a loss since his course. I have now started using his knowledge for what not to do rather than what to do.

          One of your former students

  2. James

    I think you are unfair to Sven Henrich and his wife Mella. I subscribe to their live twitter feed and can say that they definitely make calls ahead of the market that turn out very well. I don’t know if they manage other people’s money as they never mentioned it. But the reason they went off twitter was that several weeks ago Sven became seriously ill and was told to take a break from 15-16 hrs of following the market and commenting on it on twitter. It was obviously taking a huge toll on him. Ironically this happened the same day the Brexit vote results came in and he made a lot of money playing the bear side. But it cost him health-wise. He and Mella did not abandon their clients but simply shifted the service off twiiter and conduct it by email and through their websites. To accommodate Sven’s recovery needs they are also taking a less intra-day approach and more of a swing one. You can choose not to believe me if you want. Don’t really care. I just saw your comment and thought I woud fill you in on what actually happened. As a client of Sven’s I can simply tell you that my experience over the last year is that he is a completely straight shooter, provides excellent macro analysis w/o ever projecting the idea that he “knows” anything special or can guarantee anything, and is very responsive to clients such as myself whenever we have a question. My 2 cents for it is worth.

  3. James

    Secondarily, if Valletutti is your main source I would highly question the value, accuracy and motivation of this particular source. For some reason (possibly b/c he used to be partnered with Sven’s current wife who chose to leave her partnership with him and join up with Sven), Valletutti appears to have an untempered and highly emotional compulsion in cyberstalking the two of them. He seems as concerned with their success as he is with is own, if not moreso, and spends a lot of time tweeting about them. Not the most rational voice, I would say.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      As I said in the article, I’m not making accusations, merely repeating the word on the street. I know about Northy’s last tweet about the alleged heart attack – it may or may not be true. What is strange is that since then there hasn’t been any activity on Mella’s twitter either.

    2. Pnl

      They were using mike’s model to get more subz and passing it off as theirs. Reason mike calling them out is because one of their subz had his account blown up by them and told mike about it. Northy been a bear forever and been run over constabtly

  4. Livvy

    Mella is one of of the all time worst market scammers. She is really the donald trump of finance twitter. she is rude, crass and clueless, which ignorant people are drawn to. Not surprised at any of this.

    As to the doubter: There is a document from GuruLeaks online showing their assets at 18k. Sad!

  5. Igor Butsenko

    Those guys will always exist as there will always be plenty of people who truly believe in fairy tales.

  6. Rafal

    When I saw Charlie Burton on BBC I thought he was a real trader. It turned out there is zero proof and his website is a cheap scam. What a joke. All those people should be taken to court.

  7. Wilson Fisk

    Why in the world would anyone who is truly successful at trading teach others how to trade? Answer: They wouldn’t! They would be to busy steadily increasing their leverage through position sizing and exposure to more markets!

    1. JLTrader Post author

      There are plenty of reasons to teach others and many documented cases of successful traders having taught other people to trade. From the top of my head I’ll mention Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt who taught the turtles, Ed Seykota who taught Michael Marcus who in turn taught Bruce Kovner.

  8. Wilson Fisk

    You’re absolutely correct with those examples …my fault in assuming (since most of this site seems focused on bashing trading educators) that the point I was making was entirely relative to trading educators who sell trading education for profit, not someone who is teaching someone else to trade so they can trade for / with them. The day Richard Dennis starts a trading education website I’d assume he blew up in a big big way.

    1. JLTrader Post author

      While I believe that perhaps 99% of trading educators that charge money are more or less fraudulent, it doesn’t mean that all of them are. Just a few documented cases of successful traders that have paid services: Mark Minervini (recently together with David Ryan), Mark Cook, Dan Zanger

  9. Wilson Fisk

    ** my faultl in assuming the point I was making was understood to be entirely relative to trading educators who sell trading education for profit

  10. John Smith

    Traders trade..idiots go on twitter and facebook to try and get Mr and Mrs Gullible to part with some money – think of Nigerian Scamsters whenever you see the idiotic comments by some people in relation to trading.

    How many posting here actually trade?

  11. BD

    There are funds which:
    * Manage accounts opened by the client under the client name at one of the best US brokerage companies for retail. * The indibidual accounst are protected by AAA insurance up to $250K
    * Have a flat fee
    * Target profitability every month
    * Trade only liquid assets
    * Do not have a budget for ads – having a low flat fee does not leave too much place for a sales department.

    Look hard and you will find.

  12. Jason

    First off let me say I love your up front honesty on your site! lots of good articles! I apologize if this is a redundant question but since we are on the page of smooth salesmen, have of the site Trade empowered with Jason Stapleton? They seem conservative about their philosophies on trading and therefore would come across as legitimate to a newbie like myself but I’m not sure If i’m falling into trap that a gullible noob like myself would be prone to. Mostly I’ve just stuck with and there is a wealth of knowledge there but I’m looking to build on that knowledge. I’m trying to get off on the right foot and lower the learning curve as much as possible. Any opinions/thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you sir!

  13. JLTrader Post author

    I would advise you to steer clear from Jason Stapleton – if that guy is a trader (let alone a profitable one), I’m Warren Buffett 🙂 Just look at this BS: ##The 12 Week Transformation is our 3 month comprehensive training program designed to teach you a series of proprietary trading strategies with proven track records.## # I see their YouTube channel is up since 2009, but where’s the track record ?

    Trading is hard enough as it is without wasting time and $$ on pretend traders that like to hear themselves talk on YouTube.

    1. Richard

      Yes, I do not like the whole sales pitch website. It does make these traders look desperate.

  14. C

    I personally like Samuel Morton on YouTube… Maybe it’s just his calm, reassuring presentation style that is conning me into thinking he’s legit, but he does seem pretty genuine and regularly shows live trades open and being closed etc. Unless I am being fooled by that too? Like everyone else he is selling something (though not in a pushy way, like trade Empowered etc) but I’d be interested if anyone else knows any more…

    1. JLTrader Post author

      Just another con artist making the standard claim of being a ‘professional trader’ without providing any verification whatsoever. This guy blocked me on Twitter a while back after I challenged him to verify the results he shows on his site (anybody can make a page listing the months of the year next to double digit profits)

      1. Richard

        Samuel does have an account now. He mentioned so in his last video. He likes Darwinex like you JLT. I believe he is the real deal. I guess if his account is still making money this time next year, then we will know.

        1. JLTrader Post author

          wow, a £637 account. let’s all do a standing ovation :)))
          Really, that’s not trading, it’s punting…what he actually does is participating in the DarwinIA lottery, hoping to score an allocation.

          1. Richard

            He said that Darwinex is not his main account. I think his account is with ADMI or ADM Services, something like that.

            So, the account balance is what matters then? Performance is nothing? A profitable trader is someone that has lots of money and performance means very little?

            If he placed £100,000 in the account you could then say that there is no evidence that he made that money trading.

            Where is your trading performance and account balance JL?

            I am not trying to stir things up, just wondering what we should be looking for when seeking a trading mentor…

  15. John

    I have been subscribed to Samuel Morton’s trading room for several months. So far I consider him one of the very few “real deals” on the internet. As a member I can see all his trades and analysis, and decide if I want to copy trades or not. The trading results on his site seem to be legit, but I do not know why he does not use a third party verification tool. It would make things a lot more transparent. Unfortunately the last months he has been in his worst draw-down period ever. Jan 17 all of his trades were losers (perhaps -20% monthly result), Feb 17 only marginally better. I am sure that he will recover overtime, but it is not a nice thing to see if you just joined. I would rate most of his trades as “iffy” (not really high probability), but he does have occasional big winners with high R/R. Those make him profitable over the long run. He does have a tendency to sweep losing trades under the carpet, highlight his occasional winners and put only those on YouTube.
    As a professional retail trader you need nothing less than phenomenal results in order to stay in the game. He claims that the last 6-7 years his return was over 800%. Unfortunately, not verifiable. Sam Morton generates a base income with selling courses, his trading room, coaching and other stuff. It is understandable, because a retail trader does not have a base salary like guys from institutions.
    I will continue to follow him, despite this dry patch, simply because there are no alternatives I believe in.

    On the topic of TradeEmpowered, they do share their trading results on occasion in the weekly updates by Akil Stokes, although it is only a picture of their trading room equity curve. But since it often shows draw down (negative results), it is a good sign that they are not lying.

  16. Justinussen

    I took Francis Hunt (The Market Sniper) course (learning HVF method) back in November after watching his Youtube channel for about a year. This is what I can report so far:
    As the strategy is based on higher risk-reward-ratio, then you don’t have to get that many trades right to make money. Taking only RRR of >3 means that you only have to be accurate 34% of the time to be in profit. This can be emotionally tough to lose so many trades, especially if you are on a bad streak. If you are in it for the long haul and willing to put some time into it it is definitely worth it.

    As far as the track record of Francis and what his strike rate is, I am not sure. What I can say though, is that since I started trading I have made money following the method. The key to making money in this system (and any other system) is to follow it thoroughly and sticking to the money management rules.
    I had the opportunity to go through the trades of a guy who had tried to piece together the HVF method only by looking at Francis Hunt Youtube videos. He declared that it didn’t work. What I saw was that he had some setups drawn correctly, while others were completely wrong. Some of those that were drawn correctly and winning trades, he had either cut the profit short or got out at the wrong price according to the method.
    Another thing that I noticed was that he was chasing trades and therefore lowering the Risk-reward-ratio substantially.

    Sadly, if he had fixed the flaws in the drawings and stuck to the method, then he would have been in profit.

    All in all, it seems legit after 7 months on the program and with profit on my account. 😉


    Verdict: It’s legit

    Why it works:
    – Clear entry and exit points, takes out the guesswork
    – Stresses importance of Money Management
    – Focus on high quality setups that will increase the chances of success
    – Doing a 360 degree accessment of the market over multiple timeframes helps the overall assessment

    Why some People fail on it:
    – Don’t understand that it is probability based and give up after a few trades going against them
    – Don’t stick to process and cut their profits short
    – Emotionally uncomfortable to sit in a trade that goes massively against you
    – Get impatient and put on trades where there is no pattern
    – Chasing a trade

  17. Julian

    He, “the market sniper” provided with this link: when on June 12th he claimed on YouTube that he had made/withdrawn £110K in the last 2 weeks from his trading. The link leads to : “this document has been removed from scribd”. I am the one who prompted the document when I commented on his utterly laughable prediction on ETH that went so aggressively against his 25 minute long video prediction that I couldn’t help but laugh and then question his legitimacy as a “trading coach” with 12 years of experience. A guy on the thread complained to have lost £50K following his trade and of course, his “method” for which he hosts a paying website.

  18. Richard

    Hi Julian,

    Do you have a link to the YouTube video and discussion thread?

    Are you saying that a document was posted on Scribd and has now been removed? Or that one was never posted?

    1. Julian

      The title of the video on YouTube is : “ETHBTC runs Target, rotating 50% out to BTC”

      You’ll find his post there where he provided the link I posted on my previous post as proof of having made £110K in his last 2 weeks of trading. As I said previously the link leads to: “this document has been removed from Scribd” Go see it. It’s still there.

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    1. Richard

      He sounds British. I will check-out his videos. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Darren

        Wow, wasn’t expecting that. Just another smooth talking money grabber. Can you trust any of them?
        Thanks so much for the reply, you definitely changed my whole perspective with this info.

  20. Oooospookyrothschilds....

    I used to follow Francis Hunt, watch his youtube videos etc. But then he started to slip in crazy ‘Rothschild’ jewish world domination or control nonsense and after I stopped rolling my eyes I stopped listening. If a person is so clueless that he falls for the tired overused antisemitic trope that ‘the world is controlled by the rothschilds’ it means one of two things…either he’s incredibly uneducated and unworldly or he’s simply got a screw loose and has a penchant for conspiratorial fantasy. Neither one of those is a good trait for a teacher of trading to have. trader needs to live in reality, not fantasy. (Note: The Rothschilds were a wealthy banking family back in the 1700s but through generations of descendants and intermarriage no member of the family has even a fraction of the wealth that the original family had and in fact all the famous billionaires of today from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to Jeff Bezos, The Walton family to Mark Zuckerberg to Carlos Slim and many, many others have FAR more money and power than any Rothschild does in modern times. Spend 10 minutes doing a little research and using some logic and common sense and Francis would know this…but the fact he would spew such conspiratorial nonsense in his videos immediately brands him as a kook. Buyer beware!

  21. John Piper

    What I cannot fathom is why there are so many people hanging out on Twitter and Forex Factory looking for the Holy Grail of trading and expecting someone to give it them on a silver plate and usually for free too. Half of them are only too willing to download pirate copies of people’s work anyway.

    Ask yourself why would anyone want to give a complete stranger their trading system that they have spent so much time on for a few hundred bucks and if that wasn’t enough, to prove in the form of audited bank statements that the system DEFINITELY works and the purchaser will DEFINITELY become a billionaire from their minuscule investment in a course? Don’t you think they might just go and trade for a hedge fund instead?

    There’s an awful lot of people who want something for nothing out there, and there are even more people who want something for nothing with knobs on and whine all day on trading forums such as Forex Factory. Luckily, those undeserving people will NEVER make it in trading. The lucky few who put EVERYTHING into this business and are not deterred by an obstacle will be the ones who make it.

    Sorry for the uncomfortable truth 🙂

  22. Richard

    Does anyone have any information on Alessio Rastani and a man who describes himself as “Professor Dr” Simon Shepherd?

    Why is the latter selling trade alerts services and trading courses when he is working full-time as an academic in a university funded by the UK taxpayer and Engineering and Physics Research Council? Where does he find the time to do his full-time job? His webpage says:

    “Future plans
    Currently about to submit to EPSRC for a project on Microwave Imaging and Optimised Limb Fracture Rehabilitation, with colleagues from Electrical Engineering, Computing, Health Studies and Warwick and Kent Universities.
    Current, and significant recent, funded projects
    Sonic Characterisation of Water Surface Waves, Turbulence, Mixing and Bed Friction in Shallow Water Flows, EPSRC EP/G015341/1, £454,220.”

    1. Gareth

      Some of Rastani’s mentors are none other than….guess who!!……Charlie Burton and Kym Watson!! Shepherd and Rastani are complete fakers in a number of ways:

      1. they advertise their products using faked testimonials.

      2. they do not show you a regularly updated live account, let alone a 3rd party verified one!

      3. Shepherd had a trade alert service and cancelled it after 9-12 months because he called so many loosing trades and claimed he had to close it because he was traveling.

      4. The alert service was a long run test of Shepherd’s trading system. He thus proved that his own system is a failure! However, he still goes on selling this system to the public to this day.

      5. Google Simon Shepherd and (a) Forexfactory and (b) Trade2win: there are plenty of reviews about him there.

      6. A fair bit of Rastani’s stuff is copy and paste of Robert Miner and Carolyn Borden’s. His indicators are rip off of other peoples’ with slight changes and he charges a higher price. Youtube and other trading forums give details of Rastani’s ripped off indicators and their original sources.

      7. Rastani uses NLP sales techniques from another rip-off internet salesman called Paul Elliott. He also copies and pastes NLP man Oram Klaff’s sales lines in his emails.

      8. Rastani doesn’t stick to his own trading rules.

      9. Rastani has a monthly members only subscription service, where he promised 100 percent commitment with a webinar every month. He still sells the service but has not done a webinar per month for a long long time!

      10. Each of Rastani and Shepherd’s stuff is exorbitantly expensive and you could probably acquire their incomplete skills sets and techniques reading some of the authors that I mention above.

      11. They start with their products at ultra high pries and then offer discounts to take them to high prices if you buy on the day. However, if you email them on any other day they’ll still adhere to the discount.

      12. The two staff that they had working for them – Sara and Jenny – do NOT exist. It is really Rastani sitting in his bedroom and Shepherd sitting his professors office answering emails using fake names!

      13. The office address Rasttani’s LeadingTrader brand offices is one of those automated mailboxes/book a meeting room venues in central London (Another trading con man Gavin Holmes – that is trader with no performance records – also uses the same address!!)

      SHEPHERD really is HERDING and fleecing the SHEEP! And, Rastani really is a STAR RAT! Especially after his BBC performance!

      They will only live up to their names as long as YOU – the internet public – let them!


  23. Alex

    I am considering becoming a student of Francis Hunt (The Market Sniper). I have seen varying opinions in this thread so far. Make no mistake, I am absolutely committed to learning. I have already had success on my own by simply staying disciplined and not chasing trades, however, I think the more education one can get, the better. Can anyone give me a good reason not to enroll? I am in the US, so would not be able to attend his course in person. Additionally, can anyone recommend some resources that would be helpful to understand before taking his course to maximize understanding of his method?


    1. David

      Don’t give your money to scammers, at least ask first for the broker statements of the last couple years. If he can’t, it’s all you need to know.

      1. Richard

        Did you get broker statements spanning several years from this educator Alex? Did you ask?

  24. Gareth

    Charlie Burton and Kym Watson are at it again. Experts Charlie and Kim will now do all of your (trading) reasoning for you, provided that you pay them £200 per month! Perhaps their previous trading education packages are not up to standard. Hence, this campaign for a new trading device. It is FCA regulated don’t you know! Here is a copy of their latest email advert:

    “Our Brand New Trading APP that connects Charlie with our Swing Trading Community.

    One week to go on this fantastic offer!

    With so many alerts and notifications available to us via our smart phones and/or mobile devices, we can make the lack of time we think we have work for us in lots of ways; news, shopping, communications… and this is the exact idea when we came to putting together our Brand New App!

    The APP is much like a fully-interactive group on ‘WhatsApp’ but, it’s fully FCA regulated and has trading functionality built within it.

    It has a Group Wall for Charlie to place trades and for traders to select to follow and/or copy those trades, plus it enables everyone to chat and for Charlie to share his views.

    The same views, and some of the same strategies, Charlie used in his previous and hugely successful $10k to $100k challenge, and uses in the current £50K to £500K challenge.

    Just the same as a simple text, when Charlie writes something or places a trade, this will automatically flash up on your phone so you instantly see what he, or in fact others, are doing.

    If you’re busy, you can set it to silent. It gives you full flexibility and connectivity with our Swing Trading Community!

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    PLUS – after 3 months we will then reduce your subscription down to £89!

    For any other options or for any questions, email me

    And take a moment to read the last few comments I have received, and made in respect of our Swing material and support

    “I had been looking at divergence for a while, but never really got anywhere. I signed up with Ezeetrader, and their new App, and within a few days had learnt loads in a very friendly environment.”

    This has led to one of my most profitable trades for some time and, having a day job, DST fits in with my lack of time to sit in front of a screen all day. Thanks!” Steve S

    “I’ve just booked my summer holidays this year; four weeks in Thailand and then to Dubai on the return. Business class all the way, flat seat sleepers – all courtesy of Swing profits”….Big thanks to EzeeTrader!!” P Warner

    “Being a new MBT member I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a great Euro trade, it was my biggest trade to date. Although I have failed with six attempts on the JPY, this trade paid for that and more.” John W.

    “I got stopped 5 times on CAD, but it kept diverging so I kept going in. It’s paid for my losses and then some. I’m finding the DST methodology very powerful.” Rob Rogers

    With Kind regards


    1. Gareth

      Are the people offering testimonials real or fictitious? If the former, then are they close friends or customers who are sufficiently distant from Charlie and Kym? Moreover, if the app is only just being released, then how have all those people giving testimonials managed to test it?

      1. John

        I have seen this over and over again… As soon as anyone in Forex starts charging monthly fees for subscription or whatever, run away. Whether they are legit or not, probably they have started their own under-capitalized business, and they need gullible donors to provide them with a basic salary. A one-time charge is bad enough; charging on regular basis should set off alarm bells.

        1. Richard

          Interesting…let’s summarise all of those traders who charge “top money” monthly subscriptions:

          1. Rastani
          2. Shepherd
          3. Charlie Burton and Kym Watson
          4. The Market Sniper
          5. Ken Calhoun
          6. Steve Nison
          7. Gavin Holmes
          8. Almost anyone who speaks on TipTV.

          A theme is starting to develop here…

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