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One Thing I Learned in 2016

Abandon hope all ye who enter here – Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy In 2014 I read an article by Andreas Clenow, Why managing your own money is a bad trade, that resonated with me because it elaborated on what I was already pretty much thinking myself. To wit, managing OPM (other people’s money) is… Read More »

Can You Handle The Truth?

Jack Nicholson: You want answers? Tom Cruise: I think I’m entitled to them Jack Nicholson: You want answers? Tom Cruise: I want the truth! Jack Nicholson: You can’t handle the truth! – from the movie A Few Good Men (1992) So what’s the truth that a lot of wannabe traders can’t handle? Actually, there are… Read More »

Why I Stopped The ‘Verified Performance’ Account

Since early December last year until this week I’ve had a ‘Verified Performance’ widget tracking the performance of a live €10k account at Darwinex. This post is to explain why it got started, why I shut it down and the way forward. Close followers of my site know that I’ve been an enthusiastic cheerleader of… Read More »

Reviewing The Reviewers

Two of the oldest and best known review sites for trading/investing services, products and companies are (FPA) and The scope of this article is to show that they are both untrustworthy and more or less fraudulent. is run by Dmitri Chavkerov, a Russian national apparently living in the US. If you were… Read More »

Trading Guru Busted By The CFTC

Listen and understand! That Trading Guru is out there. It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop…ever…until your wallet is bled dry. – paraphrase of Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor in The Terminator School of Trade (SoT) has been… Read More »

A New Low For Social Trading Advertising

I’ve been using ForexFactory for its Calendar feature for a long time. Because they’re decent with their advertising (as in not harassing you with countless pop-ups), I disabled Adblock on the site. Last night, an ad that I’d never seen before caught my eye: Clicking on it, you land on this page (which miraculously disappears… Read More »

A Trading Expert With Conflict Of Interest – Huge Red Flag

A few reminders of how conflict of interest looks like – always good to keep in mind before entering into a business relationship with a trading/financial professional. 1. EuroScalperPro, an 100% automated Forex EA, is currently being heavily advertised on Facebook. It comes in a free version, if you sign up with one of the… Read More »

Cautionary Tales About Trading Gurus

Three things happened over the past few days that reminded me once again how much BS and deceit there is in the trading world. But before I start, I’d like to quickly answer  those who think along the lines of: ‘why do you even care, just mind your own business’. I care because these guys… Read More »

So You Want To Become a Hedge-fund Manager

This post goes out to all serious independent traders out there who wish to take their trading to the next level without having to change city or country. Traders who read countless times books like Market Wizards or Trend Following and want to some day be just like ‘one of those guys’. Traders who look… Read More »