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The Wandering Scammer – Marcello Arrambide

Marcello Arrambide, the guy behind and considers himself to be the luckiest person in the world: he has location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. He has achieved all this through day trading the stock market. For a few thousand bucks, he can teach you how to be like him. Just let me… Read More »

GoForexPro – An Insult To Serious Forex Traders

A reader of my site asked me what I think of and the guy behind it, William (Bill) Young. He sent me a couple of  links to forums where Mr. Young is active: stevehopwoodforex and donnaforex. I concentrated on donnaforex because I was familiar with the name and the thread was half as big… Read More »

There Is No Edge In

I recently stumbled upon Winnersedgetrading, a website run by one Casey Stubbs. This is how I was welcomed: Who would not click on ‘Yes’ ? At this point I got intrigued – I mean, there’s a discrepancy between the seriousness implied by the domain name and what those pop-ups practically shout at you (scam site,… Read More »

Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is ?

I was on YouTube watching some trading videos when I stumbled upon Astro FX channel. So here are these two guys (Shaun Powell and Aman Natt), in their early twenties, dressed up to the nines, very expensive looking watches, driving luxury autos with personalized number plates like  F13REX, giving forex trading seminars and selling courses.… Read More »

Exential Group – Managed Forex Accounts Scam

Update 03/01/2017 The perpetrator behind this Ponzi scheme, an individual called Sydney Lemos, has been arrested. Update 24/10/2016 I was informed that a class action lawsuit against Exential is being prepared by the Giambrone law firm. All people interested should visit this page. Update 25/07/2016 More than a year since this article was written, authorities… Read More »

Don’t Buy the Hype – Rev Trader Pro

Generally speaking, I’m very skeptical of anyone selling Expert Advisors (EAs), for two reasons: 1. from the buyer point of view, believing that you can get your own ATM for the price of an iPhone or less shows lack of understanding of how the world really works. 2. from the seller point of view, it… Read More »

The Big Storm in a Cup of MMCIS

There have been two articles in short succession over at Forex Magnates about an alleged Ukrainian scam broker, MMCIS and their head analyst/trader, one Konstantin Kondakov. You can find them here and here. As far as I am concerned, there’s no need for the ‘alleged’ part. That is a scam broker and you’d have to… Read More »

The to Ruining Your Account 2

Update May 2016: have re-branded themselves into Different name, same junk. I’ll go through another article which I find is extremely dangerous for beginners. Not only because it gives them false hopes and a false image of what trading really is, but also because it sets the stage for a lot of unnecessary… Read More »