The +500M Pounds Fall of Plus500

By | June 6, 2015

Plus500 is a company which offers online trading services to retail customers. More specifically, you can trade almost anything you can think of: forex, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs. The company was founded in 2008 by six Israeli men, alumni of Technion Institute of Technology, with an initial investment of $400k. It was listed on the… Read More »

Trading Educators And The Live Trade Setup Gimmick

By | April 14, 2015

I commented recently on a website on a subject that’s dear to me: how can one differentiate between the impostors and those who are the real deal in the trading education sector. While in theory Rayner’s premise – ask for at least a year’s worth of documented track-record – is apparently sound, I believe that… Read More »

Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is ?

By | April 12, 2015

I was on YouTube watching some trading videos when I stumbled upon Astro FX channel. So here are these two guys (Shaun Powell and Aman Natt), in their early twenties, dressed up to the nines, very expensive looking watches, driving luxury autos with personalized number plates like  F13REX, giving forex trading seminars and selling courses.… Read More »

Exential Group – Managed Forex Accounts Scam

By | April 7, 2015

Update 03/01/2017 The perpetrator behind this Ponzi scheme, an individual called Sydney Lemos, has been arrested. Update 24/10/2016 I was informed that a class action lawsuit against Exential is being prepared by the Giambrone law firm. All people interested should visit this page. Update 25/07/2016 More than a year since this article was written, authorities… Read More »

The Logic Behind Trading Decisions

By | April 4, 2015

I’ve written before on this site that I think it’s crucial every trader should develop a trading strategy that fits who he or she is. Please note that I chose to use the word ‘develop’ instead of, let’s say, ‘find’. That’s because, as far as I know, and I’ve researched this subject extensively, all great… Read More »