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What Can We Learn From Rogue Trader

By | September 20, 2014

I recently finished reading the book Rogue Trader by Nick Leeson.  Although I’ve seen the movie countless times in the last 6 years, I don’t know why I haven’t stumbled upon the book till now. Anyway, it was a great read and I highly recommend it. Not only because it’s well written, entertaining and has… Read More »

How the Winning Rate of a Trader Can Fool You

By | September 15, 2014

A very common mistake of inexperienced people comparing trading systems is to put the greatest importance on winning rate. Let’s take 2 traders with 3 years of track-record each. Both have an average annual return of 40%. Trader A has a 75% winning rate, and trader B a 35% one. That’s all we know about… Read More »

Does Your Trading Strategy Have an Edge ?

By | September 10, 2014

Having a trading strategy with an edge is often mentioned in trading literature as a prerequisite to success. Despite this fact, I think it’s still a misunderstood concept. Why am I saying this? Well, ask yourself, or other traders you know, what exactly is your edge in trading? In other words, what makes you think… Read More »

The to Ruining Your Account 2

By | September 9, 2014

Update May 2016: have re-branded themselves into Different name, same junk. I’ll go through another article which I find is extremely dangerous for beginners. Not only because it gives them false hopes and a false image of what trading really is, but also because it sets the stage for a lot of unnecessary… Read More »

The to Ruining Your Account 1

By | September 9, 2014

Update May 2016: have re-branded themselves into Different name, same junk. This is a great example of why having my own site to freely express views and thoughts is important to me. I was made aware of, a website run by one Chris Pottorff with supposedly 23 years of trading experience. Judging… Read More »

Forex Training Scams Debunked 3

By | September 6, 2014

Forex Training Scams Debunked 3 I have received some emails from ForexFactory members regarding the ‘commercial content’ section of that forum. Wow, if that isn’t choke-full of scammers, then nothing is. Naturally, I had to pick today’s charlatans from there.     These guys start by shouting in your face with large, colored fonts. Of… Read More »