Forex Training Scams Debunked 3

By | September 6, 2014

Forex Training Scams Debunked 3

I have received some emails from ForexFactory members regarding the ‘commercial content’ section of that forum. Wow, if that isn’t choke-full of scammers, then nothing is. Naturally, I had to pick today’s charlatans from there.



These guys start by shouting in your face with large, colored fonts. Of course, we should be profiting from the banks, after all, that’s where the money is. So what are the dreams that they’re selling? Making 20 pips daily, having 90% accuracy, learning in 2 months what others learn in 20 years. :) Just so you know that they are not fooling around, they are prepared to guarantee your success. :)

What’s all this going to cost you? $69/month, $355/month or $5295 (financing available). That’s a real bargain. What do you think? :)


These jokers chose a funny name for their site. Their rescue is akin to throwing a big rock instead of a life jacket to a man overboard. They pitch the same overused and misunderstood the concept of ‘price action’. Unlike all the others marketers masquerading as traders who peddle ‘price action’ as the Holy Grail of trading, these guys are dumber and clearly fall into scam category. In 5 days you’ll get your trading to a level where the forex market will beg you for your mercy :) And if you think it’s going to take hard work, rest assured, it will be easy and simple :) How much is this going to cost? Only $200. With a 30 day money back guarantee. Such a cheap price to become a forex master.  What is even funnier is the wording of that guarantee. You must show proof that you applied exactly the trading formula before you get a refund. That’s a necessary proviso, otherwise, they would have to refund every poor sap who falls for their scam.