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It Happened 27 Years Ago

By | October 11, 2014

It Happened 27 Years Ago. Ending with a down Friday, this was the worst week for S&P500 and Nasdaq since May 2012, losing 3.1% and 2.3% respectively. Let’s get some historical perspective though. Seven years ago the US stock markets would reach what would prove to be their pre-2008 crash top levels. But does anyone… Read More »

Gold Outlook – A Technical View

By | October 7, 2014

Gold Outlook – A Technical View: I read yesterday and commented on an article by Barry Ritholtz about the shiny metal’s outlook. I was surprised to notice that it attracted such interest with 148 comments so far. I’m not surprised though of the prevailing thought process that gold is somehow different from other asset classes… Read More »

The Big Storm in a Cup of MMCIS

By | October 7, 2014

The Big Storm in a Cup of MMCIS There have been two articles in short succession over at Forex Magnates about an alleged Ukrainian scam broker, MMCIS and their head analyst/trader, one Konstantin Kondakov. You can find them here and here. As far as I am concerned, there’s no need for the ‘alleged’ part. That… Read More »

Those Were the Days of October 2008

By | October 6, 2014

A very quiet open of the trading week with half of Asian markets on holiday. But it hasn’t always been like this. Exactly 6 years ago, on 6th October 2008 Eur/Usd gapped  lower 100 pips and then continued to go down some more 200+ pips by the end of the day. The move in Eur/Jpy… Read More »