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Get Funded – A Pitch of the Trading Dreams Factory

By | January 29, 2015

Arguably, the whole trading educational services industry is a big dream factory. That’s because in 99% of the cases you have self-professed trading ‘professionals‘  without any proof of them ever having traded successfully (or even traded at all) purporting to teach others how to do this for a living. I believe this is a unique… Read More »

Trader’s Perspective: Never Trust a Central Bank

By | January 15, 2015

Despite evidence last week from Swiss National Bank member Danthine saying the EUR/CHF floor at 1.20 will be maintained, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) released a market-wide cataclysm by abolishing the minimum exchange rate and EUR/CHF floor. Today’s shocking announcement of Swiss National to discontinue its minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs to the… Read More »

Breaking the Losing Streak

By | January 13, 2015

Breaking the Losing Streak – This is the elephant in the trading room. It is rarely mentioned, almost everyone thinks or hopes it won’t happen to them, but all traders will have to face it at some point. Even high winning rate systems (70% win rate) will hit ten (or more) consecutive losses sooner or… Read More »

Don’t Buy the Hype – Rev Trader Pro

By | January 2, 2015

Rev Trader Pro – Generally speaking, I’m very skeptical of anyone selling Expert Advisors (EAs), for two reasons: 1. from the buyer point of view, believing that you can get your own ATM for the price of an iPhone or less shows lack of understanding of how the world really works. 2. from the seller… Read More »