Meaningless Trading Phrases People Use To Sound Professional

By | April 3, 2015

Here are four Meaningless Trading Phrases that don’t mean anything but will make you sound like a real professional to the uninitiated:

1. ‘So anything is indeed possible’ used for example in an article/talk about future scenarios for a currency pair, stock index etc. Well of course it is, you don’t need any analysis to realize that. :)

2.‘The markets hate uncertainty’ used whenever the volatility spikes up. It’s just a false cliche because without uncertainty there wouldn’t be free-floating tradable assets. Think EUR/CHF between September 2011 – January 2015 when the peg was on.

3. ‘Financial instrument X is down on profit taking’ used whenever you’re asked why X is down after a strong run. It makes you sound as if you really are in the know. And moreover, it sounds logical: traders have made a lot of money and now they’re taking profits. It’s a laughable statement because there are dozens of reasons behind every buy and sell order and you have no way of knowing what really happened.

4. ‘I’m cautiously optimistic’ can be used whenever you want to impress with your trading approach. It implies that you’re wise and prudent. However, it’s a meaningless phrase because it’s too general and could be used to explain anything.