Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is ?

By | April 12, 2015

Do You Know Who Your Forex Trading Teacher Is?

I was on YouTube watching some trading videos when I stumbled upon Astro FX channel. So here are these two guys (Shaun Powell and Aman Natt), in their early twenties, dressed up to the nines, very expensive looking watches, driving luxury autos with personalized number plates like  F13REX, giving forex trading seminars and selling courses. Instantly my bullshit meter went through the roof. I had to find out what this scam is all about.

After doing some research, the following facts came up:

  • the Myfxbook verified results they boast actually prove they have a complete lack of understanding what trading is about and what purpose track records serve. Firstly, losing around 50% of the account in one day and draw-downs of +80% would make any person with a minimum sense of ridicule to refrain from giving paid trading advice. Secondly, track-records with a length of a few months  can’t really showcase trading ability (because they are too short) but they can and did in this case reveal trading amateurism.
  • the luxury cars come from Platinum Executive Travel Rental Cars in Birmingham, where the owner’s son apparently is a friend of Aman Natt

So we have two guys who not only don’t know what forex trading is, but they take their ignorance as a sign of virtue and expertise. There’s no other explanation for posting and continuing advertising of those dismal results on Myfxbook. Furthermore, by uploading videos on YouTube where they draw lines and put indicators on charts and call it technical analysis or showing off their supposed wealth made through trading, they try to pass themselves for professionals. Don’t be fooled by the appearances and pay them to teach you forex trading – the only thing you’ll learn is how to lose money.