There Is No Edge In

By | August 3, 2015

I recently stumbled upon Winnersedgetrading, a website run by one Casey Stubbs. This is how I was welcomed:


First Pop-up

Who would not click on ‘Yes’? :)

Second pop-up

At this point I got intrigued – I mean, there’s a discrepancy between the seriousness implied by the domain name and what those pop-ups practically shout at you (scam site, leave ASAP).

Even though the website has been around since 2009 and now it claims to be ‘one of the premier educational resources for Forex traders’, make no mistake, it’s a sure way to waste your time and money.

Besides the free (read: worse than worthless) blog and tutorials center, Casey Stubbs helped by two other clowns (one of whom appears to be underage) offers a couple of paid products. The first one is a $100/month trade copier which targets returns of 4%-8% per month. Sounds like an inferior version of the strategy they send you for free if you give them your email. :) There is no verified performance, but rest assured, there’s a video where they show how they made $32,325 in just four days. :)

If you prefer to trade yourself, they offer an indicator that just today (I can’t believe my luck :) ) is discounted 90%, in other words, is yours for $27 a month. To quote them, ‘Forex trading has never been easier’.


To conclude: this is beyond a joke. How have they managed to stay in business for six years is what really amazes me. But then again, human nature never changes.

At first, when I listened to the accounts of old-time deals and devices I used to think that people were more gullible in the 1860’s and ’70’s than in the 1900’s. But I was sure to read in the newspapers that very day or the next something about the latest Ponzi or the bust-up of some bucketing broker and about the millions of sucker money gone to join the silent majority of vanished savings. – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator