A New Development at JLTrader.com – Launching the Mentoring Program

By | September 6, 2015

A New Development at JLTrader.com – Launching the Mentoring Program

It’s now a little over a year since I’ve started this website, which I believe has been beneficial to the general public in two ways:

1. by offering food for thought with my trading related articles inspired not from some sales script or ‘how to gain the most web traffic in six easy steps’ manual but from my personal nine years experience in the trading trenches and from the many books that I’ve read over time.

2. by exposing outright scammers and shady characters of which there are plenty in the trading world and debunking trading myths or various bad advice that I’ve come across when browsing the internet.

To be totally honest, this enterprise has helped me a lot too: through reading or rereading different materials as part of the preparation for writing my articles, I keep the various aspects of trading fresh and better organized in my mind.

There are two things that have been happening that finally made me decide to start the mentoring service. Firstly, the emails that I’ve been receiving asking if I offer some kind of education or trading support on a more personal level. Secondly, I did a google search on the subject, with particular attention to Forex mentoring and I noticed there’s great demand for someone who is genuine. People are just tired of hucksters posing as professional traders and using the same old tricks to con them out of their hard earned money. I also noticed there are many people smart enough to realize that ‘learning’ from some anonymous nick on a forum is not exactly the best way to approach something as important as trading.

So what about the supply ? Concerning forex trading, the only guy that I could find that seems trustworthy is Jarratt Davis. His approach to trading is totally different to mine though, and seems to be closed for new members for some time now. So it’s clear to me that there is a big gap between the demand for trading mentoring and the supply of serious and reliable mentors.

I hope that I’ll be able to meet some of that demand and help reduce the existing gap.