The Battle of Price Action Trading Giants – Chris Capre vs Nial Fuller

By | September 9, 2015

The Battle of Price Action Trading Giants – Chris Capre vs Nial Fuller

I’ve mentioned the universe of price action sellers before on this website. Today I’m going to revisit the subject because one of them has started sharing actual trading performance data of himself and his students + something very funny happened.

Someone sent me this article and video by Chris Capre, one of the high priests of price action sellers, where he frontally attacks the Pope himself, Nial Fuller. Now, that’s what I call real entertainment.


First let’s start with some details on who the combatants are:

  1. Nial Fulleris one of the more obnoxious internet marketers out there masquerading as professional trader. I haven’t  written about Nial before because he provokes me a gag reflex and I’m afraid I’m just going to puke all over my laptop.  But here’s a good review of him and the kind of shenanigans he’s up to: Learn To Trade The Market Review
  2. Chris Caprehas been teaching price action for more than five years. I think he came on the scene at just about the same time as Fuller. Unlike Nial Fuller, who hasn’t shared any MyFxbook acct or any verified record of his trading performance, Chris has shared his trading performance for 2017 (much to our disbelief, but good on him for producing it). Compared to Nial Fuller, Chris Capre is able to back up his trading claims with proof, while Nial Fuller cannot produce a single account of his trading performance or back up his claims with proof. And while we may not like Chris Capre, he’s one of the only mentors who has provided proof he can trade profitably.

Ok, with the above being said, let’s dive into the content. In terms of the video, the facts about Nial Fullers trading competition shared in the video are very clear and is backed by facts and numbers.

Anyone with a decent amount of trading experience will most likely agree with the comments made by Chris Capre in the video. Nial Fullers’ trading competition performance is simply put an abomination of trading and no forex trading mentor should ever use this to demonstrate their abilities.

It also became clear Nial Fuller does not trade the same way he teaches others how to trade, not even by a long shot. In fact, the evidence points to Nial Fuller being a day trader, which he blatantly lies about in his post bragging about his competition win.

I’ve shared my own view of Nial Fuller winning the competition in this blog post.

Now, let’s move on to the article. The first part, where he tears into Nial Fuller and his fakey pin bars bullshit, is true and the most funny part of the article. Conjecturing about what the hedge-funds and prop trading firms might or might not be doing is unwarranted in my opinion, save for the obvious that they’re not into Nial Fuller’s bullshit.

Under Reason #3 paragraph we find this gem:

I’ve made over 20% in the last few months using your methods. I’m glad you poked giant holes in his price action strategies. Otherwise I’d still be waiting for pin bars and inside bars, missing hundreds of pips.

And further down in the comments section I found this one:

FYI – I’m happy to put my top students numbers against anyone else from the pin bar + inside bar + engulfing bar camp and see who wins that one. I’m confident my top student (who also works a 9-5 job) will trump the top student from any of those other camps.

At first, these look like pure unverified testimonials/claims and kicking a competitor, all in one. But in this article and this video, Chris Capre actually shares some of his students performance with one of his students getting funded 100k $ by Axi Trader after taking his course, so again he’s able to back up his claims with solid proof. It’s not our favorite form of proof Chris Capre knows how to teach people how to trade, but it’s ‘acceptable’ in our book.

To this day I have not seen Nial Fuller share any proof comparable to this, but I hope Nial Fuller won’t back into a corner and let this blow over, but charge back at Capre. I’m out to get some popcorn.

So we now have not only the battle of the giants, but the battle of their students as well.