A New Low For Social Trading Advertising

By | September 26, 2016

I’ve been using ForexFactory for its Calendar feature for a long time. Because they’re decent with their advertising (as in not harassing you with countless pop-ups), I disabled Adblock on the site.

Last night, an ad that I’d never seen before caught my eye:

Tradeo ad on ForexFactory

Clicking on it, you land on this page (which miraculously disappears if you do sign up):

What is wrong with these two pictures? Everything actually. 109k followers for just one trader on a quite new social trading network that hardly anyone heard of? On ZuluTrade, the granddaddy of social trading, having 1500 followers places you in the top 10 most followed traders. Further statistically improbable facts: out of the 9 featured traders, there are 6 (very attractive) girls. Names don’t really match the countries these people supposedly come from (does Maria Nicoleva sound Swedish?, Amanda Stoun Portuguese or Anton Williams Italian?)

If you actually search for these names, for no other reason than to learn how to become a top trader :) you’ll get this:

Where is Silvia Mirova? 🙁

There goes my chance of having a chat with the lovely Silvia :(

All kidding aside, I don’t understand what Tradeo expects to achieve with this, considering that it costs a pretty penny to be featured on ForexFactory. Click-bait is one thing, but downright false advertising is totally different. Do they want to cement the already shady online reputation they have? Or am I missing something here?

2 thoughts on “A New Low For Social Trading Advertising

  1. Vitor

    Agree, this type of advertising is ridiculous, argeting ingenuous people. Off course ‘Amanda Stoun’ is a very very improbable portuguese name, to say at least… Cheers.

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