Can You Handle The Truth?

By | December 17, 2016

Jack Nicholson: You want answers?

Tom Cruise: I think I’m entitled to them

Jack Nicholson: You want answers?

Tom Cruise: I want the truth!

Jack Nicholson: You can’t handle the truth! – from the movie A Few Good Men (1992)

So what’s the truth that a lot of wannabe traders can’t handle? Actually, there are plenty of them, but today I’m going to concentrate just on one.

Whenever you see self-professed trading professionals or alleged trading millionaires sharing uplifting (unverifiable) personal stories, you’re being taken for a fool. The latest instance of this comes via Facebook ad from none other than Nial Fuller.


It’s less important who the guru ‘du jour’ is because the pattern is always the same. The guru is a ‘lost’ person, unhappy with his life (be it 9-5 or running a business) when he discovers trading. Lo and behold, everything begins to change now, and in a short while, the sky is blue again, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. He now lives the life he’s always wanted, has location independence, plenty of cash, is his own boss, the whole enchilada.

He tells you this story in order to inspire so YOU too can become like him. And because we live in an ‘instant gratification’ world, it will take you much less time than it took him. Just buy the course or whatever he’s selling. (you’re in luck, there’s an Xmas special offer :) ).

Of course, this is all BS and smoke-screen. If the story was true, then the guru would have no problem in substantiating it and also he wouldn’t refrain from showing a verified track-record.

Don’t get me wrong, I like uplifting stories, at some point, we all need a bit of extra motivation. But I also like to deal in reality, not fantasy. You need motivation, read about the life of actual success stories, you know, people like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What all these fake gurus like Fuller do is create a fantasy and then try to sell it in the non-fiction, biographies&memoirs section of the bookstore. That’s the truth. Can you handle it?

5 thoughts on “Can You Handle The Truth?

  1. Hans

    The infomercial Nial Fuller trots out as personal story is so transparent that only low intellect or desperate people will buy it !!

  2. Graham

    Absolutely true. However, these “gurus” will always have a ready market, because most people who fall for the false “motivation” sold by these guys, don’t want to face the truth. The lie is much more attractive.

    I have lost a little bit of money by trading, not much. I went for a reputable face to face course, to learn the principles. I have spent over 2 years experimenting with demo accounts. Many; many hours of valuable time. I have learnt one thing. It is far far more difficult to make money trading, than it is in a “normal job”. I spent one month in time, and half of what I spent on trading training in cash to get a teaching TEFL certificate, and am now teaching English in Spain. I haven’t given up on trading, but, at least, I now have a steady income … with plenty of mobility. Still taking it one day at a time with trading (still on demo).

  3. Jules Noël

    The day I will find the miracle strategy I will refrain from disclosing it …

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