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My Thoughts On The Sterling Flash-Crash

By | October 8, 2016

We’re all just one trade away from humility. – Marvin to Bud Fox in Wall Street. Last night I’d just finished watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie (Frenzy (1972) – recommend it) when I checked my Twitter feed.  It was in a frenzy (pun intended) about GBP – capital letters tweets and charts that indicated a… Read More »

A Lesson From The Latest News On Paul Tudor Jones

By | August 16, 2016

The Latest News On Paul Tudor Jones: Bloomberg just reported that Tudor Investment Corp., the hedge fund started by legendary Paul Tudor Jones in 1980 is laying off 15% of its workforce, amid lackluster performance and client withdrawals.   Performance since 2001. Photo Credit: Bloomberg But if with all I had I still lost, what… Read More »

Drawdowns – A Reality That Traders And Investors Face

By | June 22, 2016

Drawdowns – A Reality That Traders And Investors Face False expectations lead to a great part of the emotional and financial suffering that traders and investors encounter in the markets. Members of the first group are preponderantly misled by alleged professional traders (who can’t substantiate most of their claims and have no verified track-records) while… Read More »

Listen To The Market, Not The Talking Heads

By | May 26, 2016

Listen To The Market Not The Talking Heads In late January 2016, Dennis Gartman, publisher of the apparently widely read “Gartman Letter,” a daily markets newsletter, and an omnipresent talking head on CNBC affirmed: we won’t see crude oil above $44 again in my lifetime. Well, 5 months later, and with oil touching $50, Mr.… Read More »

Losses – The Cost Of Doing Business

By | May 11, 2016

Losses – The Cost Of Doing Business How one approaches trading will ultimately determine if he’s going to be successful at it or not. Some people think trading is a sort of salaried position – they run back-tests or use performance simulation calculators, torturing the data until they get the monthly/yearly figures desired. So they… Read More »

When Trade Intervention Costs You – An Example

By | April 13, 2016

When Trade Intervention Costs You – An Example Do you always wait for your trades to hit the stop loss or close them early if they don’t act right ? That’s one dilemma traders face and unfortunately there’s no one size fits all formula available. Some snake-oil salesmen and pretend traders would want you to… Read More »

How A Trader Self-destructs In 4 Minutes

By | March 31, 2016

How A Trader Self-destructs In 4 Minutes This is one of the traders at Darwinex I had my eyes on ever since he listed his DARWIN and I thus became aware of him. In a sea of <$500 accounts with EAs toiling on them, here was this guy with an account that I estimated to… Read More »

Debunking Fantasy World Performance Simulations

By | January 17, 2016

Tradeciety has officially entered into the Guru land, selling a Forex course for $497. Just remember who Rolf, the main man behind Tradeciety, is: by his own admission in the comments to this article, in 2013 he was a struggling student who couldn’t afford a live account and therefore dabbled with demos. 4 years and… Read More »